Free admission, Exhibition of stitched, printed, embroidered and woven textiles, costumes and artefacts from around the world. Meet world textile experts, traders and collectors. Worldwide fair trade, directly from the makers.

From appliqué to adire; from batik to brocade and block prints to blue prints; from kimono to kilims and kantha to kuba; from sashiko to shibori and silk to shyrdaks; from weaving to wax print…You’ll find all this and more at a WORLD TEXTILE DAY near you.




‘For anyone who loves textiles and costume, World Textile Day is a fascinating and stimulating event… a great day out.’ Popular Patchwork

‘World textile experts share their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with you - the clothaholics of the world.’ Workbox magazine

World Textile Days are organised by:

In 2015 World Textile Day is coming to Wales, Scotland and the North, South, East and West of England. Every World Textile Day is different. Full details about all six World Textile Days from