We think quilts make brilliant jigsaws. That's why Q Shop have teamed up with Wentworth Wooden Jigsaws to bring you unique puzzles that can't be bought anywhere else. Not only will the fine details and repeating patterns have you scratching your head, but Wentworth have intricately laser cut each design with pieces that are far from standard. You may find butterflies, stars, guitars, bottles, flowers, trees and birds, but you certainly won't find traditional corner pieces and a straight edge doesn't mean an outside piece. The Crazy Patchwork jigsaw puzzle only contains triangles if you fancy something even more unusual. All the wooden jigsaws are made to the highest of standards from sustainable sources of wood and are made in Britain. Click here to see the full range

The micro versions of each jigsaw make brilliant little gifts with prices starting at £6.50. Catherine tried a tea break teaser with the micro version of the Log Cabin Coverlet jigsaw puzzle. This attempt took just over 24 minutes, a lot longer than we expected! Get yourself a copy to take the challenge and see how quickly you can complete it.