Woo hoo! Spring is here, hopefully! It’s been such a mild winter where I live, although I hope I’m not tempting fate in between writing that and this issue hitting the shelves!

I looked back on my quilting for 2019 the other day and was horrified about how

unproductive I was. I’m not quite sure what happened. Must do better this year!

Lots of piecing projects to tempt you this month. I’m quite excited by Kerry Foster’s

Improv Adventure Quilt; a relatively painless introduction to improv piecing and an

invitation not to be quite so regimented in quilt making. The Jungle Friends Quilt is

the perfect ‘first bed quilt’ project when your little ones move into their first big bed.

The Spring Greens Quilt is the ideal for using up all those different greens and blues

in your stash while the Spring Table Runner and Mats are just the thing for

decorating your table for Easter next month. The Joanna’s Choice quilt was so-

named after designer, Betty Croke, submitted numerous potential quilt designs to me

and this was the one I chose. I hope you like it too! Stuart’s Stashbusting block this

month mixes two traditional blocks to make a great quilt pattern.

We’ve focussed on mini quilt challenge reviews in this issue. I always love taking a

look at the entries in the Journal Quilt Challenge each year and I think Helen equally

enjoys a trip down to Somerset to review the annual 12 x 12 Mini Quilt Challenge;

probably because she gets to go to a quilt shop at the same time! Helen also

managed to find the time to go to London to take a look at the Solar System Quilts

as the Royal Astronomical Society celebrates its 200th birthday. Chris Hammacott

starts a new series of articles on Sustainability in a P&Q World, looking this month at

pins and needles. Eileen Shone shows us her First and Last quilts and we meet Oast Quilters in Introducing.

Until next month


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