Letia joined the Popular Patchwork website in March, and had this to say about winning our new member join prize, "Wow - I have won a prize!! Thank you!! I look forward to receiving 'Modern Basics' by Amy Ellis."

"I was taught embroidery by my mother growing up in New Zealand and was first introducted to patchwork at a girls club, I think I made patchwork bag and of course gained my badge. While traveling in the USA I got into cross stitch and on arriving in the UK, I fell in love with tapestry, having seen some of the work of Kaffe Fassett.
However it is only recently that I have taken up quilting with a passion and this started after watching a demonstration on how to make something called a "Ten minute block". I was hooked and have found a wonderful shop not far from were I live that more than caters for my new found obsession."

"Currently I am working on my very first quilt based on the 'Trip around the world' block, which I am stitching by hand, so it is very slow going but I am enjoying it. More so now that I have found the Popular Patchwork web site and find that I am not the only person in England who still hand stitches. I love the web site but I have to admit that "UFO Zapping" had me stumped for a time."

This month, our join prize is a copy of 'Curves to Quilt'. Sign up before 30th April for a chance to win.