Don't miss the chance to see this outstanding exhibition of quilting and social history in association with the ICHF The Quilting Show.

This is a unique exhibition of 40 of the Canadian Red Cross Quilts: a beautiful gift of comfort, colour and warmth – with love sewn in. There will also be 3 quilts shown in Birmingham at the Fashion, Embroidery & Stitch Show - NEC,17-20 March 2016 and in London at The Stitching, Sewing & Hobbycrafts Show - ExCel - 7-9 April 2016

Amidst the hardships and uncertainty of WWII came warm, colourful quilts from abroad; thousands of Canadian women created thousands of quilts for Britain as part of their contribution to the war effort to ease the plight of people struggling with the conditions of war.

Many reflect the "make do and mend ethos" of the era, when every scrap of material was used. From the thousands that were created only some have been saved but those that do contain great textile samples from the war years.

Each quilt on display has a unique storyboard that offers an insightful narrative about its creation and destination.

Mary Duncan, President of the Canadian Women’s Club in Scotland will be giving 2 talks about the history of the quilts and the work of the CRCQ Research Group and the CRCQ Research Group – Canadian Red Cross Quilt book  Comfort from Kindness  will be for sale.

As WMT plans and prepares for the quilt exhibition, it is our hope that the compassion and kindness shown by the women of Canada and their Canadian Red Cross Quilts will be echoed in this Scottish Blanket Appeal – and not just by women this time, by everyone.

We are asking crafters, groups, and individuals throughout Scotland and further afield, to donate handmade blankets that we will give to The Family Key Work Service of the Scottish Refugee Council - which helps refugee families meet the challenges of settling in Scotland. The service is a lifeline to families with children, in all aspects of their new lives, as they navigate the asylum system and as they come to terms with life in a new country.

As with the WWII Quilts, we will also attach a label to each blanket but with a swatch of tartan; to express the message of love, to celebrate our heritage and culture and to raise awareness for the Incorporation of Weavers of Glasgow and the Scottish Tartan Authority. We are very grateful that the swatches of tartan are being supplied to WMT by Houston’s of Paisley. Previously WMT has been generously supported by the Incorporation of Weavers of Glasgow, to help to bring the highly successful exhibition of the Great Tapestry of Scotland, to Paisley and also to tour our Mill Girls On Tour production - that celebrates local textile workers, their crucial role in history and their lifestyles.

The blankets can be quilted, fleece, woven, knitted, crocheted, or sewn...sizes can vary from infant shawls and cot blankets to any size you wish.

We hope that we can gather many handmade blankets, to echo the gift of compassion from Canada that was sent over 70 years ago.

We plan to gather so many blankets that we also have enough to be able to gift blankets to Mary’s Meals – a second charity founded in Scotland, now a global movement that provides food and attracts chronically hungry children to education that could be their route out of poverty. Mary’s Meals also raises awareness of people’s plights.

Find out more from 0141 882 4520 / 07990 981682 or