We Three Gifts Part 1


  • One fat eighth main fabric
  • One fat eighth backing fabric to tone with main fabric
  • One 20 x 38cm (8 x 15in) piece of wadding
  • Thread to tone with fabrics
  • Embellishments for decorating fabric such as beads, sequins or embroidery threads

Finished Size

Approx 12.5 x 16.5cm (5 x 6 1⁄2in) (closed), to fit an A6 notebook

Skill Level


Create your personal cover design.


This embroidered notebook cover makes a lovely small gift, or why not treat yourself? The inside flap is a great pocket for notes or small photos. A small project is ideal for trying out the utility and embroidery stitches on your sewing machine; you could even experiment with a selection of machine embroidery threads in different colours – multicoloured threads give a fantastic effect. Something small, which is easy to maneouvre, is also a good opportunity to practice your free machine quilting skills!


  1. Cut the main fabric and backing fabric to 8 x 15in.
  2. Place the main fabric and wadding together, ensuring that the wadding is placed against the wrong side of the main fabric; pin in place.
  3. You are now ready to decorate your book cover. Quilt, embroider or add embellishments of your choice. Small beads and sequins are an excellent way of adding a bit of glitz!


  1. With right sides together, place the backing fabric on top of the decorated main fabric/wadding panel; pin securely in place.
  2. Using a 1⁄4in seam, stitch around all four sides, leaving an approx 3in gap on one short side. Trim the seams, press and then turn the cover through to the right side. Slipstitch the gap closed; press lightly.
  3. Top and bottom, mark the backing fabric 4in in from each of the short sides. See Figure 1. Now fold over each short side so the edge aligns with the mark, giving a 2in flap each side. Pin the flaps in place and stitich along the top and bottom of each flap.
  4. Finally, slip your notebook into the flaps of the finished cover and your personalised book is ready to use or to give as a gift!

Figure 1: Making the Cover

EXTRA IDEAS You can make this cover to fit any size of book. Simply size up as necessary; add approx 2 1⁄4in to the height of your book and 6 1⁄2in to the open length, more if the book is thick. For decorating the fabric you could use a twin needle for machine embroidery, quilted batiks, painted silk, crazy patchwork…the choice is endless!

First published in Popular Patchwork December 2008