Pat Sloan's Scrap Squares 

I stood this morning surveying the chaos that passes for my sewing room and wondered whether others have this ‘scrap problem’ or are they perhaps somewhat more organised than I am? I read of ‘scrap management systems’ and ‘stash organisation’ and marvel – as I chuck a few more ‘useful-sized bits’ into a large bag to be sorted at some unspecified future date. So, what do you do with your scraps? Do you actually have any, or are you ruthless in binning anything left over from a project? And what constitutes a ‘scrap’? How small does a piece have to be for it to be labelled a scrap and kept, or how large to be useful but too big to be a ‘scrap’? And what about those half-finished blocks that didn’t quite work out, or were miscut, or somehow didn’t ‘go’ with the others? In search of answers to these conundrums I turned to the internet (when I should really have picked up all the bits from the floor and put them back in the scrap bag).

Sorting and managing scraps 

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Storing fabric and scraps

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Using up scraps

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