'Visual Coloring: A Foolproof Approach to
                         Color-Rich Quilts' by Joen Wolfrom

C&T Publishing US$27.95

ISBN 978 1 57120 398 4 (s/b 96 pages)

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Joen Wolfrom has been making quilts since 1974 and is the author of nine books on quilting, including others on using colour. This book is filled throughout with glorious photos of landscapes, plants, trees and any object that is full of colour. Joen’s method involves starting with a colour photo for inspiration. She recommends you enlarge this to approximately A4 size if possible, as enlarging the image allows you to see the colours more easily. She encourages you to really look at the image; for example if it is a leaf it will not be just one green, and there may be other surprising colours there too. There are also pages showing a selection of images and the quilts made using that colour scheme.

In the second section of the book there is a gallery of quilts and inspirational photos. What is exciting about this section is that the same collection of photos was sent to a number of quilt makers and they chose the one they wanted to work with and created a quilt. The fact that they are made by different people means that they vary widely in styles and techniques, but you can still see the relation to the colour images. The third section contains four projects, all suitable for a confident beginner. The book only takes you as far as piecing the tops, so if you need help with the finishing process of layering, tacking and quilting you will need to refer to a basic quilting book. If you are the sort of person who rips out pages from Sunday Supplements because you liked the colours, you will appreciate this book.