Over the weekend of 12/13 June Village Fabrics in Wallingford, Oxon staged an exhibition of quilts the envy of many a professionally organised event. The range of current quilts from over 100 contributors was wonderfully representative of the current state of the patchwork and quilting craft. The craft is very much alive and thriving in all levels of society, it is no longer the result of a make do and mend culture but rather allows individuals to express themselves and find relaxation while creating heirlooms of the future.
Our exhibition was an eclectic collection of over 200 items produced by customers/pupils of Village Fabrics, which is Oxfordshire’s oldest and largest patchwork and quilting shop.
There were pieces entirely hand stitched while others used the latest computerised sewing machines. There were samples of appliqué, and intricate piecing in the form of boxes, bags, wall-hangings and bed quilts, an example in the photo's attached. Hard core quilters and newbies chatted to each other and enjoyed refreshments in the sunshine. Proceeds from the event were in support of the Duchess of Kent House Charity, Reading.
The atmosphere was buzzing with ideas, enthusiasm and the general vocabulary unique to quilters. This is the fourth year Village Fabrics have held this event and each year sees it grow in quality and items on display. Planning is already in hand for next year’s event on Saturday and Sunday, 11/12 June 2011.
For further information do contact Village Fabrics Ltd at 4/5 St Leonard’s Square, Wallingford, Oxon. OX10 0AS, by telephone on 01491 204100, by e-mail at villagefabrics@live.co.uk or visit our website, www.villagefabrics.co.uk