All the following UFOs have been committed to the 2014 UFO Zapping Challenge. Good luck everyone!

Juliet Finish GS Harvey's Wallhanging  
  put Birthday blocks from years ago together, they are Churndash.  
  finish Underground Railroad Quilt.  
  Finish thirties Jellyroll Quilt.  
Di T Finish throw made at Jan's group.  
Cathy T - JANUARY WINNER star Finish binding last years birthday quilt  
  2011 Birthday quilt ZAPPED! January
  Finish binding 2012 birthday quilt ZAPPED! January
  Decide what to do with this years birthday fabrics  
  Finish the underground quilt  
  6 kitsets to do, all collected over the last 5 years  
  motor bike blocks from about 2011 ZAPPED! February
  1 quilt top to unpick and put back together and get finished (it does not sit flat so I need to recut the sashing)  
  Even though Ned is only 6 months old, I really need to make a "big boys" quilt for him, so that needs to be done some time this year  
  Coffee quilt  
Margaret S NOVEMBER WINNER star 3 assorted small wall hangings that each only need a little bit of finishing  
  Pinwheel Swap and Batik quilt.  
  Windmills - 1930s repro Layer Cake quilt. I may split this into 2 identical charity quilts. ZAPPED! August
  Out of Africa - lap quilt.  
  Black and multi scrappy 4-patch quilt.  
  Storm at Sea - Batik lap quilt.  
  Arrowheads - scrappy Layer Cake quilt.  
  Stuart's Pinwheel Butterflies quilt.  
  HST Swap  
  Buzz Saw Friendship Block lap quilt ZAPPED! November
Rosemary - MAY Winner star Finish birthday quilt ZAPPED! July
  Finish red and white quilt together 2013 quilt ZAPPED! May
  Finish Underground railway quilt  
  Use black and white squares from swap ZAPPED! May
  Finish my 4 Seasons quilt ZAPPED! July
  Dragonfly Quilt  
  Food Jar Quilt  
Tina Finish the Lynette Anderson BOM that I started this year  
  A cathedral window project already started  
Kerry Hello Chevron HST quilt  
  Twenty Hedgehogs paper pieced quilt  
  2 Hedgehog pouches ZAPPED! February
  Quilt Together Quilt - needs piecing together  
  Row by Row Quilt - needs piecing together  
  Around the bend and across the pond bee quilt- needs basting and quilting  
Marian - APRIL WINNER star Finish 10 minute block quilt ( may have taken me 10 minutes to do each block but it has been waiting to be finished since, so more like a 10 month block quilt ) ZAPPED! April
  Finish Lilac/gingham quilt (top made in 2010)  
  Finish B&W/John Kaldor fabric quilt (top made in 2010)  
  Finish Sew-A-Row Swap quilt from 2010-2011  
  Dad's Poppy Memory quilt  
  Underground Railroad quilt  
  Birthday Japanese dolls quilt  
  Floral Garden quilt ZAPPED! April
Glenda Double wedding ring quilt bits cut out  
  small quilt made waiting to be quilted  
  finish Cathedral window quilt   
  stripy quilt ZAPPED! February
  Jelly Roll quilt  
Claire Applique sampler quilt  
  Block sampler quilt  
  2012 birthday quilt  
  2013 birthday quilt  
  Row by row quilt  
  Friendship quilt  
  Journal cover  
  Block carrier  
Hannah Winnie the Pooh lap quilt  
  Cabbages and Roses JR quilt  
  EPP Kitty wallhanging  
  PPBC 2013 Birthday quilt (needs piecing etc)  
  Quilt Together quilt (needs piecing etc)  
  1930ish HST mini doll quilt (wallhanging) ZAPPED! January
  Blue/white tablecloth mix of epp hexies and blocks  
  EPP chrysantheumum table centrepiece  
  Picnic/Beach quilt- needs quilting etc  
  Spring Carnival EPP wallhanging  
LillianPoppy - FEBRUARY WINNER star Stars at sea quilt (I've completed a couple all the blocks)  
  Autumn leaves quilt (I've completed 1 block)  
  Reversable Log Cabin quilt (I've completed a couple of blocks)  
  Kaffe Fassett Quilt (Still laying it out)  
  Big flower quilt (one block completed)  
  Drunken path quilt (pattened blocks done)  
  Flower quilt (needs quilting)  
  Dogs tooth quilt (needs quilting)  
  Rubber ducks baby quilt  
  Shoreline quilt  
  Navy sashiko cushion ZAPPED! February
  Duck egg sashiko cushion ZAPPED! September
  Set of 6 cushions ZAPPED! February
Carol King sampler quilt for DH (top made but in pieces - could not hope to quilt it in one piece)  
  Beetle wall hanging (1 beetle square made, 8 to go )  
  Orange & white 9-patch memory quilt (blocks and sashing ready to go)  
  And Bernie, to go with Abigail - this is a cloth doll, not really quilting but it is sewing  
Jill R My 2012 birthday blocks  
  Irish Chain quilt  
  3 Xmas hangings in taupe and gold.  
  Fairy hangings from a workshop  
  Zip bag from a workshop  
  2 Ashley bags, still not finished from last year  
  Workshop bag, not finished from last year.  
  Frog quilt for DD, all the stitcheries are done  
  Black and white quilt, all cut, but no more!!  
  Xmas red work hangings/swag ( 3 of them) Redwork done, but not mounted  
  Xmas wreath with hearts and stars.  
  Small Xmas wreath with glitzy hearts.  
  Hearts Are All Around  
Maria January brings the snow poem quilt.  
  Forest something quilt (pp2008)  
  disappearing 9 patch  
Rebecca Quilt for my mother-in-law's birthday  
  PP swap log cabin quilt  
  PP hearts are all around quilt  
  American jelly roll quilt  
  Sofa tidy  
  Dear Jane quilt  
  Old shirts square patch quilt  
Beryl - August Winner star Baltimore quilt ZAPPED! August
  Wild flower quilt  
  Lilac flower quilt  
  Traffic Jam, for Samuel ZAPPED! August
  Noah's ark for Michael. Nearly finished. ZAPPED! August
  Cup cake fairy For Anna ZAPPED! August
  A football quilt  
  A cricketers quilt  
  2 Linus Quilts ZAPPED! October
  Linus Quilt  
Fay Turning an unfinished "flower collage" quilt into a table cloth and a table runner  
  Using my "heart" gift to make something - don't know what yet - maybe a lap-quilt or another table cloth  
  Bag ZAPPED! May
  4 bags ZAPPED! January
  5 bags for a friend plus about 10 more - all have finished tops and just need quilting and putting together  
  Kaleidoscope wall hanging  
  make something out of my star blocks  
  2 baby blankets  
Cathy P - MARCH WINNER star Make a Row scrappy quilt - all rows have been made and now I'm starting to sew them together, aiming to finish this one in January ZAPPED! March
  Sample block quilt - 8 blocks made, so again just need to force myself to finish it  
  Tula Pink rainbow quilt - done about a third so probably will leave this until later in the year  
  Christmas tree patchwork wall hanging - only binding to do  
  Re-cover cushion from boat seating - not patchwork but will add to this list to remind me  
Irene B 2011 blocks  
  Charlie's Quilt ZAPPED! January
  Table Runner started 3 years ago  
  Round Robin we did, to finish  
Kim - MARCH and October WINNER star The Batik Star Fan quilt.  
  1000 pyramid quilt  
  Simply Red  
  Bento Quilt  
  Dave's quilt (perhaps should move that up the list.)  
  Bible block quilt  
  Sunflower quilt  
  The Easter Basket quilt.  
  Bits and Bobs of almost done projects mostly from FOQ classes  
  Flower Faeries ZAPPED! March
  I Spy Pinwheels ZAPPED! March
  I Spy More Pinwheels ZAPPED! March
  Kermit's Kaleodscope ZAPPED! March
  Black and White Runner ZAPPED! March
  Snagglepuss ZAPPED! October
Winnie Wall hanging centre - started 6 years ago!! Will zap before summer arrives. Not sure about the colouring of the flying geese border?  
  Melrose quilt  
  She did the best..  
  Lap quilt  
  Log cabin  
  Pastel Queen size  
  Sunshine and flowers  
Reenie - JUNE WINNER star Christmas - finishing the sashing on the last friendship quilt from last year ZAPPED! December
  Dresden Plate - finishing the top ZAPPED! June
  Flower Basket -  in the design stages  
  Viking for Dan -  finishing the top  
  vase of flowers  
  japanese pattern  
  teddies ZAPPED! November
  birthday block from last year  
  swap from last year  
  in my garden swap  
Tessa - MAY Winner star Nana's Puzzle Pieces ZAPPED! May
  Round Robin ZAPPED! May

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