All the following UFOs have been committed to the 2013 UFO Zapping Challenge. Good luck everyone!


Punctuation Sampler quilt from jelly roll (about 1/4 of the way through all the blocks) ZAPPED! December
  Twenty Hedgehogs Wallhanging (paper pieced 2 out of 20 varieties of hedgehog so far)  
  Hello Chevron quilt (5 rows out of 16 done)  
  Great Granny Quilt (just needs quilting) ZAPPED!
  Rain Deer Limbo quilt (need to finish the quilting) ZAPPED! March
  Fryed Pixels quilt (about 1/3 of the way through piecing Stephen Fry's face in 1" squares... yes really! It will be a show quilt) ZAPPED! March
Cathy Porteus Pink and purple quilt (Perfect Palette pattern from magazine last year, top done, just need to quilt it)  
  Sampler quilt (9 blocks done, think I need to do 3 more)  
  2 sections of the strip per month scrappy quilt from the magazine - need to finish the hand applique section and also to do the machine applique section from this month's magazine  
  Tales of the Riverbank ZAPPED! January
  Mini-flower quilt ZAPPED! March
June Christmas Log Cabin - top done; needs borders etc  
  Disappearing Nine Patch - top done; needs borders etc (we call it the Smiley Top 'cause it's so bright!)  
  Charming Old Maid - top done; needs borders etc  
  Boxed Jelly - top done; needs borders etc  
  Milky Way  
  Moon In Window  
Juliet Underground Railway Quilt  
  Birthday blocks from 2011, they are very pretty Chundash blocks.  
Liz Purple Braid King Size  
Marian T 'Dad's Memory Poppy quilt - Needs putting together and beyond...  
  Underground Railroad quilt - Needs putting together and beyond...  
  B&W Tessellation quilt - Sandwiched ready for quilting for several years...  
  Batik - only needs binding (thanks to Jan's help) ZAPPED! March
  10 minute block quilt top - hahaha, or in my case 2 year quilt top and counting...  
  Friendship Row by Row  
  Erratic Ladder quilt top .....several years old.....  
  Friendship RR quilt  
  Floral garden quilt top  
  Jet's curtain  
  Brennan's curtains  
  Penpal Anniversary ZAPPED! August
Fay Block Swap of 2011 ZAPPED! January
Rebecca Jolly Jungle quilt  
  Log cabin quilt  
  Blue Lagoon pattern (from Jelly Roll Quilts book)  
  Popular Patchwork Block of the Month quilt  
  Red and White quilt  
  Vintage cotton reels quilt  
Carol B - starOCTOBER WINNER Red and white superking quilt for DS2 & DiL (top 2/3rds made) ZAPPED! October
  King sampler quilt for DH (top made but in pieces - could not hope to quilt it in one piece)  
  Beetle wall hanging (1 beetle square made, 8 to go )  
  My Underground Railroad quilt (the blocks are stacked with the sashing ready to go) ZAPPED! April
  Orange & white 9-patch memory quilt (blocks and sashing ready to go)  
  And Bernie, to go with Abigail - this is a cloth doll, not really quilting but it is sewing  
  Laceys leftover red quilt ZAPPED! November
Pamela Jeffrey - starJANUARY WINNER Birthday blocks from 2011 ZAPPED! April


Set of 18 blocks already made up  
  Dresden plate  
  Black and white ZAPPED! January
  Floral 16 ZAPPED! January

QUEEN ZAPPER!             

Jill R -  starJUNE WINNER

2 bags  
  Thimbleberries Bag ZAPPED! April
  Ashley Bag ZAPPED! April
  Quilt with my garden stitcheries ZAPPED! June
  A small christmas quilt with stitcheries( the stitcheries are done) ZAPPED! April
  Shirt quilt I am making from the hearts all around us pattern  
  Sam wall hanging ZAPPED! February
  Baby Quilt ZAPPED! January
  Birthday Blocks  
  Leigh's Blue Blocks ZAPPED! June
  Sisters quilt ZAPPED! June
Margaret S - star JULY AND SEPTEMBER WINNER 2009 PP Mystery Quilt ZAPPED! September
  2010 PP Stay at Home Round Robin ZAPPED! September
  Use up those Scraps Quilt  
  2009 PP Ice Cream Swap ZAPPED! November
  2012 Visual Illusion Hexagon Globe  
  Lynne Edwards Stitch and Flip QAYG ZAPPED! July
  Zig Zag Shangri-la ZAPPED! August
Glenda F Basket of flower quilt, 2 blocks left to sew and then to be sewn together ZAPPED! June
  Double wedding ring quilt, some pieces cut out, more to be cut  
  Quilt for Ds 2, blocks made just need putting together  
  Small quilt to be quilted  
  Spring table runner to be quilted ZAPPED! April

Caz -                 starMAY WINNER

Red strip quilt  
  Hexie quilt ZAPPED! May

Terry P -            star FEBRUARY WINNER

2010 Circling Serendipity quilt waiting to be quilted  
  2012 Table runner with Lynette Anderson designs - top to be finished and quilted ZAPPED! February
  2013 A4 landscape quilt of a local view ZAPPED! February
  2010 Bedroom chair cover using blocks to match bed runner made 2 years ago - fabric bought but not yet started!  
  Stitch Sampler  
  Second A4 or Journal Quilt of another favourite local view  
Claire Bear Quilt as you go quilt  
  Saturday sampler quilt  
  Birthday quilt 2012  
  Friendship quilt 2012  
FoxyHollow Coquette charm pack quilt - top finished.  
  Nine Patch Qulit - have done 1 'patch' which took 8 attempts to get right and only then when future husband took over cutting.  
  Black and Red Quilt - the 1st quilt I will make and keep, as yet unstarted.  
  Black and White Quilt - promised to a work colleague.  
  Neutral Quilt - promised to my brother.  
  'England' Quilt - hopefully my 1st successful attempt at applique after an atrocious O Level project in 1985!  
  A quilted advent calendar for my son.  
Reenie - star  AUGUST WINNER Christmas - finishing the sashing on the last friendship quilt from last year  
  Dresden Plate - finishing the top  
  Flower Basket -  in the design stages  
  Viking for Dan -  finishing the top  
  Around the World - finishing the top ZAPPED! August
  Lone Star - to quilt ZAPPED! August
  Flying Geese - to quilt ZAPPED! August

Lillian Poppy -    starAPRIL WINNER

Fleecy cot quilt (needs quilting to be finished) ZAPPED! March
  Christmas Table Runner with 6 mats (just need to finish the edge of 2 of the mats) ZAPPED! February
  Suduko Cushion cover (I've finished the front but need to quilt it and add the back) ZAPPED! April
  Cushion cover for the living room (I've finished the front but need to quilt it and add the back) ZAPPED! April
  Folded cushion cover (I've finished the front but need to quilt it and add the back) ZAPPED! April
  Small landscape hanging (I need to add embelishments and quilt) ZAPPED! April
  Stars at sea quilt (I've completed a couple of blocks)  
  Autumn leaves quilt (I've completed 1 block)  
  Reversable Log Cabin quilt (I've completed a couple of blocks)  
  Kaffe Fassett Quilt (Still laying it out)  
  Big flower quilt (one block completed)  
  Drunken path quilt (pattened blocks done)  
  Flower quilt (needs quilting)  
  Dogs tooth quilt (needs quilting)  
  Rubber ducks baby quilt  
Jen Lemon small quilt, for a future (long in the future I hope) baby  
  Purple and green one which was the remains of the Stay at Home quilt from 2 years ago  
  Sew a Row  
Kim - star November Winner
Batik Fan Quilt
Dave's Fishing Quilt
The blocks from my great-grandmother's quilt...I've a few salvaged from when my NC house flooded...I've been inspired by talking to the Ladies at "The Unfinishable".
My FMQ work started at Noriko Endo's class/Foq
My Drawing with your machine (janet claire class at Foq Project).
  Simply Red.  
  Batik Triangles ZAPPED! November
  Bento Baby ZAPPED! December
  I Spy a Triangle ZAPPED! December
Pam C -                 starMAY WINNER Small charity quilt binding to sew ZAPPED! August
  Charity quilt finish piecing top and quilt ZAPPED! August
  Christmas mat quilt ZAPPED! May
  Japanese wall hanging finish top and quilt ZAPPED! May
  Cutting mat bag sew together and handles on ZAPPED! May
  Sampler quilt 3 out of 12 blocks made ZAPPED! August
  DH quilt 9 out of 12 blocks made  
  Strip quilt finish piecing top and quilt ZAPPED! September
  Scrap box quilt finish piecing top and quilt  
Helen G Underground Railroad Quilt  
Aude Aqua quilt for cousins GD ZAPPED! March
  White Horse wall hanging ZAPPED! March
Tessa Wedding Quilt ZAPPED! March
  Xmas Convergence ZAPPED! November
Mandy Mam's Quilt ZAPPED! June
  Snowed in Squares Quilt ZAPPED! June
Hannah A Winnie the pooh lap quilt  

Cabbages and roses JR lap quilt


Oh deer quilt

  Woodland animals wallhanging  
Irene B Dresden Plate Tablecloth to Quilt ZAPPED! August

Here's the album for you to upload your FINISHED ZAPPED photos to, Zapped UFOs 2013.