Trimits Fast Tack Glue is a very sticky, fast-hold and fast-dry glue ideal for paper, trimmings and household use. It can be used between two fabrics and ironed, Fast Tack will produce a heat sealed bond. The glue dries clear and flexible, but is not suitable for washing or dry cleaning.

Trimits Hi-Tack All Purpose Very Sticky Glue is a thinner consistency than the original Hi-Tack, giving a clear flexible finish. This glue is ideal for cardboard, paper, wood and photographs. It dries tough and clear and is suitable for sequins, mosaics and glitter.

Both glues are non toxic, safe for children, come in a 115ml bottle and retail at £2.80 each. Trimits glues are available nationwide from all good haberdashery and sewing suppliers. For stockist information contact Trimits or phone 01453 883581.