Interactive Members’ Area

For quilt enthusiasts, the most exciting element of the new site is the ‘Members Showcase’ where each Guild member can have their own page where they can write about themselves, their quilting passions and upload a slideshow of their work.  Already, over 700 members have registered for the site and their pages form an endlessly fascinating 24-hour quilt show.

Regional Information and UK-wide Events

The site has all the information you would expect about The Quilters’ Guild including a dedicated ‘mini-site’ for each of The Guild’s 17 regions across the UK.  On each region’s pages you will find a comprehensive list of quilt-related activities and events which are also gathered together to form a national calendar of textile and quilting events UK-wide.  Regional pages also have local and national news and useful information such as lists of quilt groups in the region.

Specialist Groups

The Guild has four specialist groups (British Quilt Study Group, Contemporary Quilt, Traditional Quilt Group and the Miniature Quilt Group) and each of these groups also has a ‘mini-site’ with information about the group’s activities in a similar format.

Speakers, Teachers and Commissions

Visitors can use the site to search for speakers and teachers via the ‘Search for other members’ facility, narrowing the search down by region if desired.  You can search for people who undertake commissions or search for quilters with particular interests.


The members’ information pages include the growing list of UK-wide retailers who give discount to Quilters’ Guild members.  There is also a ‘Go Shopping’ page where you can click through to major retailers before you shop online and earn a donation to The Guild.

And if all this encourages you to join The Quilters’ Guild, you can join online at the click of a button!

You can find The Quilters’ Guild web site at  We also have a dedicated web site for the Quilt Museum and Gallery (, for Young Quilters ( and the Guild’s retail outlet at