'The New Applique Sampler Book - Learn to Appliqué the Piece OCake Way' by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins.

C&T Publishing $26.95

ISBN 1-57120-265-X (s/b 80 pages)

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As regular readers will know I have not been a fan of appliqué until just recently. Maybe my conversion has something to do with the products I have reviewed.

Firstly, there is the book The New Appliqué Sampler, Learn to Appliqué the Piece OCake Way by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins. Becky and Linda have worked together for many years, firstly as producers of patterns and books under the Piece O Cake label and then latterly with C&T publishing. I have long admired their books and even own a few but have not until now actually started a piece of hand appliqué.

The majority of the book concerns the actual technique of applying the fabrics. There are different methods covered. Cutaway and off the block appliqué are also included.

The book is filled with many life-size photos of hands and fingers actually sewing. There is a sequence of five, for example, showing the quilters knot. Even better, they are shown for both left and right-handed quilters. It is so helpful to have exact photographs showing how to tackle inner or outer curves, for example.

The final section includes two sampler quilt projects. The first, unlike most samplers that have all the blocks the same size, has blocks that are different in size and shape, as well as including all the techniques covered in the book. This is shown in a variety of colourways. The final sampler is more traditional in style with nine 14in blocks. Any of these blocks individually would be perfect for a cushion or centre for a medallion quilt. If you ran out of steam you could just make five and fill the gaps with plain blocks!