This quilt is very bright and, in case you are worried about committing yourself to making a large quilt, we are giving instructions for two sizes: 42in square and 78in square. The good news is that if you make the smaller quilt and really like it then it is easy to extend it to make the larger version. The quilt is not difficult to make, so don’t be put off by the size if you are a beginner. This quilt is big on impact but the piecing is simple.
The fabrics Gillian has used are from Makower's Batik Tonals range, a type of batik more like a tone on tone than a heavily patterned multi-coloured batik. If you are not so keen on bright colours, try prints or less bright fabrics. Gillian looked a number of different colourways when she was designing this quilt and it seemed to work with all of them. So trust your instincts and choose your fabric: what a good excuse to visit the quilt shop! Whilst you are at the quilt shop or quilt show making your purchases, Gillian recommends that if you don’t already have one, buy a 4 1⁄2in square ruler.

Larger Quilt

  • 1.3m (1 1⁄2yds) Dark Blue (N049/NS), fabric 1
  • 1m (1 1⁄8yds) Mid Blue (N009/A), fabric 2
  • 50cm (5⁄8yd) Light Blue (N009/BB), fabric 3
  • 40cm (1⁄2yd) Orange (N009/0R), fabric 4
  • 40cm (1⁄2yd) Dark Orange/Mid Brown (N009/ TU), fabric 5
  • 2.2m (2 3⁄8yds) Yellow (N044/YE2), fabric 6
  • 1.6m (1 3⁄4yds) Mid Red (N009/R), fabric 7
  • 90cm (1yd) Light Green (N009/GR10), fabric 8
  • 40cm (1⁄2yd) Dark Green (N030/GR), fabric 9
  • 1.6m (1 3⁄4yds) Dark Red (N044/CRS), fabric 10
  • 208cm (82in) square backing fabric: Gillian used Orange (N009/OR)
  • 208cm (82in) square of wadding

Smaller Quilt

  • 70cm (7⁄8yd) Dark Blue (N049/NS), fabric 1
  • 50cm (5⁄8yd) Mid Blue (N009/A), fabric 2
  • 40cm (1⁄2yd) Light Blue (N009/BB), fabric 3
  • 20cm (1⁄4yd) Orange (N009/0R), fabric 4
  • 10cm (1⁄8yd) Dark Orange/Mid Brown (N009/ TU), fabric 5
  • 60cm (5⁄8yd) Yellow (N044/YE2), fabric 6
  • 70cm (3⁄4yd) Mid Red (N009/R), fabric 7
  • 40cm (1⁄2yd) Light Green (N009/GR10), fabric 8
  • 10cm (1⁄8yd) Dark Green (N030/GR), fabric 9
  • 40cm (1⁄2yd) Dark Red (N044/CRS), fabric 10
  • 117cm (46in) square backing fabric: Gillian used Orange (N009/OR)
  • 117cm (46in) square of wadding