Quilt Festival Berlin will not be organized for the second time in 2016 in the German capital. The Open European Quilt Championships have been successfully organized in the Netherlands by Textile Festivals for 19 years. In 2013 ‘Berlin’ was the theme of the quilt contest. It resulted in beautiful quilts inspired by the city of Berlin and its history. The idea was born to exhibit these quilts in Berlin. This idea grew into the ambition to organize a quilt exhibition with a consumer fair. The first edition took place under the name EXPO BERLIN in May 2014. This first small-scaled edition made Textile Festivals realize that growth of this event was necessary. However, the organization of a major international exhibition abroad requires a great deal of preparation due to the long lines of communication and the need to build a network of local partners, suppliers, stallholders and exhibitors.

The extra effort that the relocation of the Open European Quilt Championships from NH Koningshof in Veldhoven to MECC Maastricht requires, leaves Textile Festivals with insufficient time and resources to build a new event abroad. This does not mean that the ambition to establish a large scaled quilt event abroad has vanished. If the chance to organize a quilt event abroad reappears, Textile Festivals will certainly explore the possibilities again. In the meantime, you are welcome at the Open European Quilt Championships from October 29th until November 1st, 2015 at MECC Maastricht. Visit the impressive quilt exhibition and fair where virtually all materials for patchwork, quilting and other textile related hobbies are available.