The Amazings is an online platform where retired and retiring people pass on craft skills through classes and courses. There are now over 200 real life workshops on offer.

Demand for the classes has far outstripped what the individual Amazings can provide, so in order to widen the availability of the courses, they will now be available through a digital platform.

Online classes will be offered in everything from knitting and sewing, to bookbinding and retro-­‐hair dos. They will consist of over 2 hours of video tutorials, commentary, teacher's notes, and asking the teacher a question.

Once enrolled, users will be able watch a class anywhere, anytime, and for as long as they like.

On June 10th, 8 classes will be available, with 1 more to be rolled out every week throughout the year.

The classes are:

  • Make Natural Beauty Products
  • Three Retro Hair Dos
  • Make a Mosaic Flower Pot
  • Learn to Patchwork Quilt
  • Try Altered Books
  • Turn a man’s shirt into a summer dress
  • Create a Silver Metal Clay Butterfly
  • Loom knit a woolly hat

Fueled by the popularity of nostalgia, craft and make‐do­‐and-­mend, the Amazings has attracted hundreds of people to the workshops. While the classes are given by the over 50s, most attendees tend to be young creatives eager to harness traditional skills that might otherwise disappear with time.

The Amazings include an Italian glass artist, a Scottish Kiltmaker and a Spanish crocheter. Amazings Co‐Founder Adil Abrar said: ‘There’s nothing better than learning from someone who has a lifetime of experience, sharing shortcuts that you won’t find in most books or websites, and dropping in little stories that make the learning experience really special. We’ve worked hard to replicate that amazing-­ness so people can experience it online, all over the world’

Anyone wishing to take part in a class can book now at: Up to the minute class listings can be found at: Popular Patchwork readers can sign up to a free online class by following this link Have a look, this is a great scheme, join in with a class, or maybe you would like to become an Amazing yourself, and pass your skills on to others.

The term ‘entrepreneurs’ is normally associated with ‘youth’ as if new ideas are the exclusive preserve of those under 30. But in reality, more than a quarter of the companies set up in Britain are started by people aged between 50 and 65 – and the failure rate is lower. The Amazings is looking to catalyse a new generation of ‘older-­‐preneurs’ who are coming out of traditional working environment, but who are keen to stay active and open to making money from their passions.

ONS figures show that those who remain in work live longer than those who retire outright. The Amazings offers a new solution to the challenge of an ageing population. The Amazings believe that instead of simply focusing on providing services to older people, the country should think about what services older adults can provide to the rest of the country, especially passing on their knowledge and skills.

The Amazings was conceived and incubated by Sidekick Studios. Sidekick Studios is a social innovation company, passionate about using design and technology to tackle social problems. Sidekick believes in bringing together simple technologies and great design to create startups that matter.