During the late May Bank Holiday weekend, a rather leaky tent in a pretty village in North Norfolk was the venue for the sale of over 1,000 fabric postcards, to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust unit for East Anglia, which has just started to be built at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.
Pam Trippett, the organiser, had been working overtime over the past few months co-ordinating both the advertising and receiving the bountiful gifts of hand-made fabric cards made by local quilters and embroiderers, as well as some from much further afield such as Israel, Andorra, and many other parts of the UK. During this period, Pam was undergoing a turbulent time herself, receiving daily reports on her grandson Alistair’s reaction to his treatment for cancer in the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She was also recovering from a broken arm resulting from a fall at home, just before Christmas and her husband having to be rushed into hospital for a heart operation. However, with her normal pluck and courage, Pam continued on her quest to collect the cards and organise the sale, confirming that by doing this, it was helping her through the difficult times, when she realised how generous and giving everyone were being to help a cause very close to her heart.
The final tally of cards (1055 just before the sale), had to be priced and pinned securely to sheets and boards before transporting down the road to the Village Hall car park where the tent had been erected for the three day holiday. It co-incided with a Flower Festival at the Church, which attracted many people to the village who also popped into the tent to see and admire the wonderful display of talent on show. Of course, it being a Bank Holiday weekend meant that the weather was appalling and rain, thunder and lightning and high winds did their best to both dislodge the tent and leak through the roof. Fortunately, everything was moveable and indeed was, frequently.
At the end of the three days, the magnificent sum of £1,370 was raised much to everyone’s delight and there were still plenty of cards left to sell. They will be available again for purchase at The Costume and Textile Fair at Wolterton Hall, Norfolk on 18/19th September as well as at The Bead Fair at the John Innes Centre, Norwich, on the 31st October.
The Teenage Cancer Trust believes that teenagers shouldn’t stop being teenagers because they have cancer. They build specialist units that bring together young people with cancer, providing the best possible care and professional support in an environment tailored to their needs. Donations are always very welcome and full details can be obtained at www.teenagecancertrust.org/addenbrookes
Pam sent a special message of thanks to Popular Patchwork readers, who really rose to the occasion and donated hundreds of fabric postcards. Pam wrote "You will have received info about the first sale of postcards for TCT from Jacquie Harvey (she very kindly took on the role of reporter) so you have the facts and figures. I want to say thank you to the Popular Patchwork readers once more for their part. Looking back at bits of paper I have kept, I notice that early on in the year I was telling people that we might make 250 cards - then it went on spreading and I was looking at a possible 800 - then I asked PP to put me in "Diary Dates" and the rest is history. When Katy asked if she could put it on the web I never dreamt what that would do. I regret that I was unable to keep a record of cards that came directly from you - at the crucial time I had another new experience - following my husband in an ambulance in the middle of the night(fastest I have ever had to drive!) - they thought he was having a heart attack- age 83! Happily it turned out to be a 23 year old bypass wearing out and I had a week of 50 odd mile round trips and by the time I got him back the news of my 14yr old grandson was at rock bottom. During this time cards were pouring in from the web but I was too preoccupied to write it all down (I am very sorry now) I have made several good friends through it all- but it is obvious that I collected well over 200 as a result and I wanted to tell you how much it is all appreciated. Thank you all very much indeed, Pam Trippett"