Tessa made this gorgeous tea cosy for her Mum, hand embroidered with lovely strawberry plants

I made this one for my nextdoor neighbour, Dorothy, as part of Worldwide Quilting Day, 19th March 2016

Marian made this tea cosy from hand dyed fabric from her City and Guilds course

Fiona's teacosy, requested by DH, and made in leftover fabric from DD's quilt

Jonny's teacosy for his Mum, made three years ago

Glenda's applique hearts tea cosy

Diane's Cassie's first attempt at Crazy Patchwork in a tea cosy

Rosalind's DH's cousin's daughter in USA wanted an tea cosy for afternoon tea but couldn't decide between crochet and one showing her Scottish connections too ! Rosalind ended up making one of each

Margaret's first tea cosy for her Mum, with beaded quilting

Diane's Tea Cosy to match Cassies!