ISBN: 978-1-908170-93-4

When browsing through an online book site I came across this book by accident. Never having made a doorstop or know anyone who uses doorstops, I passed on this book to view other quilting titles but the colourful dog complete in pom-pom hat drew me back to this book twice, so who am I to argue.

I clicked on the book using the “Look Inside” option and was engrossed in the contents.  The samples of projects were amazing and really cute and I couldn’t resist, so I bought the book straight away.

Two days later and the book arrived and any ideas of housework or shopping went out the window as I settled down with a cup of coffee to have a look inside.

The introduction gave tools needed and this book is so well made, what I call a ‘luxury’ quality made book which I love, and really does have 35 fabulous and creative projects for doorstops, gifts and draught excluders with a difference. Some of the projects are made from recycled sweaters and socks which are fantastic and enable people to make some projects with very little outlay.

Each step by step instruction is given in both imperial measurements and metric so will meet all needs in this department. There is a themed doorstop or project for everyone, with clear instructions and colourful artwork to guide you through how to make each project from beginning to end so is very easy for all levels of abilities, including some for children to enjoy making.

I did wonder why it didn’t give basic techniques at the beginning though the introduction does guide the reader to the techniques section near to the back of the book. All pattern pieces for each project are at the back of the book and shows that the patterns should be ‘doubled in size’ to achieve the correct size as per project in the book but I think that if you are confident, you could enlarge on a copier to the size you want, smaller or larger to tailor it to own requirements.

The author Emma Hardy has produced a fabulous book with a variety of themes to suit most ages, and to suit various levels of ability. Having read this book today, I am now a convert to cute doorstops and will definitely have a go at making some in the future, though they will probably be used as ornaments sitting up my stairs. These projects could be for a quick gift, or great for craft or charity stalls as they are what it says on the book, Super-cute Doorstops!