Constructing the Summer Rain block

Set out pieces
1. Cut out all the pieces as described in the magazine and set them out on a flat surface.
Make up half square triangles
2. Make up the required half-square triangles – as described in previous blocks.
Half square triangles ready for pressing
3. Half-square triangles ready for pressing.
Press to dark fabric
4. Press seams towards dark fabric.
Ready to place
5. Resulting half-square triangles – ready to place in the block.
Set out pieces
6. Set out pieces according to the assembly plan in the magazine. Note the spare half-square triangle. Poor little thing!
Follow placement instructions
7. Follow placement instructions as shown in assembly diagrams in magazine.
Piecing the patches. This is Patch B
8. Study the assembly diagrams in the magazine and piece the patches accordingly. This is completed Patch B for example.
Patch B knows its place!
9. Here is pieced Patch B amongst its close relatives!
Press seams as you go
10. Press seams as you go. Press seams open if in doubt.
Pieced patches
11. Patches A, B, C, D in first row and Patches E, F, G, H in second row have been pieced and put in their respective places in the block. In other words, they 'know their place!'.
And more
12. …..and more pieced Patches are put in their place.
Yet more
13. Yet more . . Ah, methinks I see an umbrella emerging from the 'melange' of patches! It's a posh umbrella you see.
Piecing the top row
14. Time to piece the top row.
Second row pieced
15. Time to piece the second row.
Third row pieced
16. Time to piece the third row. Gosh – this is just too easy-peasy for words!
All four rows pieced
17. All four rows are now pieced. Better hurry - it’s going to start raining again.
Stitching the rows together
18. Stitching the rows together. Start with rows 1 and 2. Press seams open.
Heading for the last roundup
19. Heading for the last round-up!
Ready for some embellishment
20. Oh dear! Is this an umbrella or a flying saucer about to land? Where’s ET?
Waiting for rain
21. Ah, 'tis an umbrella with a wide satin-stitched handle. Narrow binding might make an effective handle.

Ooh, just in time – it's raining!