'Stitching to dye in quilt art: Colour, Texture and Distortion' by C June Barnes

Batsford £18.99

ISBN 9 7897 13490701 (s/b 128 pages)

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A happy accident, when some red fabric ran into a new quilt, is what started C June Barnes along the path to sew quilts and then dye them afterwards. This is a beautiful book full of photographs of C June’s quilts. It starts with a short chapter on inspiration and then a chapter on preparation; this covers record keeping, equipment and materials, how to identify materials, and preparing your fabric and threads. There are also chapters on machine quilting ideas and then a huge section on dyeing, which is split into different methods. Later in the book there are exercises, which is where the record keeping comes in. The book ends with a gallery of work and a section on finishing, which includes adding beads and other embellishments. I thoroughly recommend this book.