Take your time choosing colours for your pinwheels! Be careful not to overpower your blocks, they're the stars of the show, or be too wishy washy. Try to strike a balance!


Cut Pieces
1. Cut and lay out the pieces according to the instructions, mark 1/4in seam lines plus 2 1/2in markings on the lighter of the long strips as shown
Stitch the long strips
2. Stitch each (marked) long coloured 2 1/2in strip to a long background 2 1/2in strip (RS facing), using accurate 1/4in seams. Cut along marked lines.
Half square triangles
3. Stitch resulting segments together in pairs – light to dark. Press seams. Stitch 2 7/8in squares together to form half-square triangles. Press seams.
Layout pieces
4. Lay out the resulting pieces.
Arrange pieces into units
5. Lay segments out to form four patch squares. Lay half-square triangles to form a pinwheel. Reason for this becomes clear as you note wonky pinwheel in photograph! Luckily not yet stitched together.
Four patches
6. Stitch the segments together in pairs to form four-patches.
Centre of four patch
7. Press seams open and twiddle centre junction (breaking a couple of stitches) to make nice neat, flat seams with a tiny four-patch at centre.
Pinwheel construction
8. Set four-patches aside whilst you deal with the pinwheel. Stitch pairs of half-square triangles together. Press seams towards dark fabric. .
Pinwheel intersection point
9. Stitch resulting segments together – matching intersections carefully. Press seams open and remove 'tails'.
Pinwheel centre
10. Voila. A pinwheel centre.
Unit layout
11. Lay out four patches, background squares and centre pinwheel in correct positions.
Sew units and rows together
12. Stitch together in rows, seams pressed towards centre background squares. Stitch rows together carefully, matching seams at intersections. Press long seams open.
Spray starch
13. (Lucky for some) A bit of spray starch would not go amiss at this point to achieve a lovely flat block.
Completed block
14. Voila! A completed pinwheel block. Painless, wasn’t it! Only 19 to go!!!
Pinwheel with cousin blocks
15. Pinwheel alongside its cousins.