'Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts' by RaNae Merrill

Krause Publications £17.99

ISBN 978-0-89689-653-6 (s/b 159 pages)

RaNae Merrill has written a wonderful guide to achieving amazing effects with spirals. This book is packed with advice and tips to enable even the most mathematically challenged quilter to produce some impressive pieces using spiral motifs. The first section explains the mechanics of different spiral shapes, how to draw them, and the characteristics of each type. The geometry of these shapes is discussed in non-mathematical terms, and the text is clear and expressive. The second section shows the effects you can create by piecing spirals in a variety of ways. RaNae shows how you can get the effect of rings, spokes and orbital paths, just by varying the fabric placement within identical basic layouts. The third section discusses the practicalities of foundation piecing each type of spiral and includes useful trouble shooting tips and correction strategies for common errors. Finally, there are a number of projects to try out these techniques and a great inspirational gallery of work by RaNae and her students. These gallery images are used throughout the rest of the book to illustrate particular points of interest, so you really feel that you understand their design and construction by the time you reach the images at the end. There is also an accompanying CD-ROM of templates. I really recommend this book, it has introduced me to a whole heap of new concepts that I can't wait to try for myself.