'Simple Stained Glass Quilts' by Daphne Grieg and Susan Purney Mark

Krause Publications £14.99

ISBN 139780896895829 (s/b 128 pages)

Dont judge a book by its cover they say. I have to admit that I did but in this case, it was all positive. I was immediately drawn to the warm brown and red fabrics contrasting against the sold black leading that gives the stained glass effect. They key word in this title is simple as Daphne and Susan demonstrate a very straightforward technique using fusible web to create the simulated stained glass. A complete set of full size patterns for over twenty project comes with the book and these provide the outlines (lead effect) that you trace onto fusible web and then cut out with an art knife. I can see that patience and care will be required to cut out the shapes accurately and to overstitch this once fused onto your base fabrics. The authors quite rightly suggest that you start with a simple project where they take you through the process step by step showing close up photography. The effects that can be achieved are stunning and I think the secret of this technique is to take your time and to start with some relatively simple designs and to build on complexity as you gain confi dence. If you like novelty fabrics then they include quite a few projects that show you how to bring the designs to life. I like the fact that the authors encourage readers to find designs in the shapes that are all around us a railing, architectural feature or piece of jewellery. With Christmas just around the corner this book opened up a whole new set of possibilities for my festive projects and it would fun to create some Christmas scenes using the stained glass effect. I'm eager to get started.
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