'Shifting Perspectives, Trim your way to one-of-a-kind quilts by Lorraine Torrence

C&T Publishing $27.95

ISBN 1-57120-337-0 (s/b 96 pages)

This book would be a stimulating addition to the quilt library of anyone who likes to make quilts from blocks. Rather than making your quilt with identical blocks, why not use the same block, but cut slightly different each time? Lorraine Torrence has developed this technique to create original quilts. You could copy one of the four quilts featured, but the aim of the book is to teach you the technique. Using a multi-view lens (which comes with the book), Lorraine shows how to create a block and then gives instructions on how to cut it down to make each one a progression from the last. In case this sound wasteful, Lorraine also shows how to use the cut offs to make exciting and unusual borders to edge your quilts. The complex equations on how to do the progression are explained, but for those who just want to get on with the blocks, the cutting instructions are given for 9 and 12in blocks, as well as how to make rectangular. There is also a gallery of quilts made using this technique. I would strongly recommend this book for quilters wishing to design their own quilts from blocks, who want a challenge.