'Shibori Designs and Techniques' by Mandy Southan

Search Press £9.99

ISBN 9781844482696 (s/b 96 pages)

Ever since I saw Janice Gunners work using her own Shibori dyed fabrics, I have been desperate to learn more about this ancient art which has been practised in Japan for over 1,000 years. As Mandy Southen explains, it encompasses many different forms of tie-dyeing which all involve shaping and compressing fabric in some way before dyeing it. It shows you, in very clear and detailed pictures, everything you need to know about the techniques used to achieve some amazing finished results. I was intrigued by the use of stitching and binding to select areas that will resist dye and also with the use of wrapping fabric around a pole and the compressing of this so that the dye will only reach the exposed areas; so simple and yet so clever. After several readings, I feel well equipped to be let loose with my fabrics and dyes. This book is the next best thing to actually attending a live demonstration and I think it offers excellent value. I cant wait to get started.