Seasonal splendour


All fabrics from Fabric Freedom's 2007 Morris Seasons range. You may be able to find old stock online. Fabric Freedom have a current range of William Morris fabric which does not include cushion panels. Quantities will make two cushions

  • Two red Cushion Panels F145 col.2 (Fabric 1)
  • One fat eighth metallic gold on red F143 col.6 (Fabric 2)
  • One fat quarter metallic gold on cream F143 col.4 (Fabric 3)
  • One fat eighth red texture with gold F102 col.18 (Fabric 4)
  • One fat eighth tiny print on black, with gold leaf F140 col.1 (Fabric 5)
  • One fat eighth flowers and leaves on black F141 col.1, for cushion A (Fabric 6)
  • One fat eighth larger red leaves on black F142 col.1 for cushion B (Fabric 7)
  • 50cm (1⁄2yd) wadding
  • 50cm (1⁄2yd) muslin backing (optional)
  • 50cm (1⁄2yd) backing fabric
  • Aurifil 40 count thread in Red 1103 and Variegated Brown 4666
  • Tacking thread or quilter's safety pins
  • Two cushion pads, approximately 45-50cm square

Finished Size

Approx 46 x 46cm (18 x 18in)

Skill Level


We are using a pair of panels, each with subtle colour and pattern variations, to create two beautifully coordinated cushions. These gorgeous fabrics combine rich colours with metallic gold, creating an opulent and very stylish look for your home this Christmas.


  1. From Fabric 1, carefully cut two 14 1⁄2in squares.
  2. From Fabric 2, carefully cut eight 2 1⁄2in squares.
  3. From Fabric 3, carefully cut four 5 1⁄4in squares. Cut these in half diagonally twice. Also from Fabric 3, carefully cut eight 2 7⁄8in squares. Cut these squares in half diagonally once.
  4. From Fabric 4, carefully cut six 1 1⁄4in strips.
  5. From Fabric 5, carefully cut two 5 1⁄4in squares. Cut these squares in half diagonally twice.
  6. From Fabric 6, carefully cut two 5 1⁄4in squares. Cut these in half diagonally twice, for Cushion A.
  7. From Fabric 7, carefully cut two 5 1⁄4in squares. Cut these in half diagonally twice, for Cushion B.


  1. Lay out all of your fabric pieces as shown in Figure 1. Start by sewing the larger triangles of Fabric 3 to either side of a triangle of Fabric 5.
  2. For Cushion A, take your triangles of Fabric 6, and sew them to either end of the strip. For Cushion B, use the triangles of Fabric 7. You will need to make up four of these strips for each cushion.
  3. Take your red strips of Fabric 4 and attach to either end, pressing back and trimming as you go. Complete the strips by adding a triangle of Fabric 3 to each end. Repeat this for all of your strips.
  4. Take two of your strips and attach them to the top and bottom of the centre panel of the cushion. Take the remaining two side strips and attach a square of Fabric 2 to each end, then sew your strips to either side of the panel to complete the top layer of your cushion.
  5. Sandwich together the wadding and top panel. You may wish to use some muslin as a backing, however it is not essential. Tack or pin in place securely. Quilt the cushions as much as you like to enhance the design.
  6. Now make up envelope style panels for the back of your cushions. Cut two pieces of fabric the same width as the top panel and about three quarters of the height.
  7. Turn a double 1⁄4in seam along one long edge of the first piece. Stitch on the leftover border from the cushion panel as an edging to the second piece. Turn a double 1⁄4in seam along the border, as before.
  8. Place the top panel right side up. Lay the bordered back piece face down on top, with the seamed edge across the middle. Lay the second back piece face down on top, with the seamed edge overlapping across the middle.
  9. Make sure that all the raw edges are aligned around the outside edge. Pin and stitch around all four sides. Remove the pins, clip the corners and turn through to the right side. Add a cushion pad.

Figure 2
Figure 1 Cushions A and B Assembly

First published in Popular Patchwork Christmas 2007