Jeannette is a returning patchworker, and joined Popular Patchwork last month. When we told her about her prize, she replied, "Thank you for your lovely email, what a great suprise."
"I'm a bit of a craftaholic who is always jumping from one craft to another, knitting, sewing, card making, jewellry etc, however have always had a penchant to try and create a 'genuine' patchwork quilt. When I was 13, my grandmother gave me a bunch of old aprons and pinny's she had which I then preceded to cut up and make a patchwork quilt. I used old newspapers to make hexagonal paper templates and spent the next 18 months hand sewing them all together to make what I thought was a rather snazzy cover for my bed. That was over 35 years ago and sadly the quilt has disapeared in the realms of time but I have always remembered the buzz I got from creating something from nothing.
This year I have decided that its time I did something about this long held passion and intend to spend those long winter evenings getting creative with patchwork & quilting. I have 8 beautiful neices aged between 2-14 and my plan is to make them all something personal for christmas. My first little delve into patchwork is attached, its a little 'cuddle quilt' which I adapted from a pattern found on the internet and I may add a little butterfly PJ case to go with it, I've got lots planned including the 'Sweet Sixteen tote bags' & the 'Union Jack pillow' which I'm sure will go down well with the older ones and can't wait to recieve my brilliant prize of 'Tilda's Summer Ideas' as I'm sure there will be one or two things in there that will be perfect as well."
"I'm really looking forward to receiving my first subscitpion in the post and find the access to digital copies of past issues absolutely fantastic - keep up the good work providing us with so many inspiring designs."
We love Jeannette's butterfly quilt, and we're all looking forward to seeing some pictures of all those lovely planned Christmas gifts soon!