Jan says "Thank you for my prize, it will fit in well with my little collection of reference books, and the pumpkin motifs will be very useful for Halloween."

"I'm in my early fifties and married with two children, aged eleven and thirteen. I was taught sewing and embroidery at school and I have dipped in and out over the years. I never seemed to have enough time for much sewing when I was younger, but decided two years ago to give it another go. However, shortly afterwards I was taken ill and I've spent a lot of the last 18 months as an in-patient or out-patient in hospital, having three operations and then taking time to recover afterwards. Now that I'm as well as I'm going to be (and have more time) I'm ready to tackle my first patchwork project. I've nothing to photograph yet, but I will email a photo of my first attempt when it's completed - a table runner made from a Moda jelly roll."

"I really enjoy looking around the Popular Patchwork website. My favourite part is the pattern archive. I've bookmarked lots of applique and patchwork projects that I can adapt for useful things for my home, such as laundry bags and storage baskets for my untidy daughter! I've also started reading through the forum and followed links to various crafters blogs. I subscribe to the print magazine, where I learned about the website, so it's great that I can go to the magazine archive. I enjoy reading about women (and men) who have turned a hobby into a successful business, and show their masterpieces at exhibitions such as the Festival of Quilts as well as overseas shows. And, of course, I also like entering the competitions!"

We hope Jan does enjoy her book, and that she will be able to share a photo of her Jelly Roll table runner soon!