How did you start quilting? I first made a quilt for my nephew, 35 years ago and have made “baby” quilts off and on as new family members arrived. Just before Christmas last year I saw some pansy labels and bought them to make some birthday cards, saw that they could be used to make log cabin blocks and I was hooked!!

Why do you stitch? I have always liked “making stuff”. I like having an idea, sourcing the right fabrics and putting them together to create something entirely new.

Do you have a favourite colour? I love autumnal colours but also enjoy bright and bold blues and greens

How big is your stash? By most quilters standards, very small but growing all the time

How many reels of thread do you have? Loads of sewing threads, specials for quilting only 12 or so at the moment

Do you prefer hand or machine stitching? I like machine piecing and hand quilting

Are you a member of any groups? I am a member of Busy Bees, a quilting group the meets in Melksham, Wilts, and The British Quilt List as well as PP on-line group

How many hours a day do you sew? That depends, if I have a deadline to meet then 5/6 hours a day, otherwise I sew    most days I am at home, maybe1-2 hours

Do you have a day job? NO!

What are you working on just now? Our village is holding an “Apple festival” in the Autumn, so I am making a few small items for that and am about to start a special birthday quilt, attic window blocks using printed photos as the panes.

Do you have a top tip for our readers? This is not an original idea but it makes good sense, if you are making blocks for a project always try one out first before cutting into your new fabric. If you always use the same colours then after a while you will have accumulated enough blocks for another project without too much hassle. You could always use Christmas fabrics and put them together to make something special!