Artist, Rosalind Wyatt’s unique creative arsenal of collage, textiles and calligraphy started seriously turning heads in the art world after the success of her exhibition at London’s John Martin Gallery in April 2009, when she showed her extraordinary series: The Stitch Lives of Others, Parts 1, 2 and 3 as part of the gallery’s Storylines exhibition.
The series comprised a triptych of authentic garments, original to three generations of her illustrious family, which became canvases for their fascinating individual stories, each retold through Rosalind’s exquisite and profound ‘trans-sewing’, or stitched replicating of letters, journals and artifacts onto already meaningful textiles.
Whether using fabric or paper, brush or needle, the common denominator throughout Rosalind’s diverse portfolio is text. “Words are my passion: written or spoken,” she explains. “Fine language engages you, instantaneously awakening human potential within. Deciphering meaning always occurs after the event of hearing: what inspires me most is the initial recognition which bypasses the physical senses."

V&A: Cult of Beauty – The Aesthetic Movement in Britain, 1860 – 1900

“Rosalind Wyatt weaves words into visual stories by hand-stitching love letters on to vintage fabrics. Lettering, lines and art become one ...” Vogue August 2009
In the second in the museum’s series of Crafting the Collections events, Rosalind will be running a free drop-in workshop connected to the forthcoming major exhibition The Cult of Beauty.
In keeping with the exhibition’s focus on the collaborative nature of the movement, where painters, designers, architects and poets worked together and influenced each other’s work, Rosalind’s workshop will see participants contributing to a quirky, oversized alphabet of Walter Crane letters, using images of his work and examples of Rosalind’s own work as inspiration.
Guided by her, participants will illuminate individual letters with stitchwork, textiles and appliqué, to eventually be sewn together into a wonderful, textured patchwork. There will also be the opportunity to create colourful designs, incorporating calligraphic text and childhood illustrations to take home.
Walter Crane (1845 – 1915), was an English artist of the Arts and Crafts movement and an influential illustrator: prolifically of children’s literature and famously of Edmund Spencer’s Faerie Queene. This workshop is sponsored by Coats Crafts.
Crafting the Collection: Rosalind Wyatt’s ‘A is for Aestheticism” workshop will be held Saturday 14th May 2011 from 11am to 4pm, at Sackler Centre, Art and Design Studio, Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington SW7 2RL. This is a free drop-in workshop so there is no need to book a place.

Rosalind is currently working on incredibly exciting plans for an epic textile installation piece to be called The Stitch Lives of London. Following the “path and winde” of the River Thames, this 40 – 100m long piece will comprise a collage of authentic historical garments and artefacts, each becoming canvases on which to stitch the individual stories, events, texts and characters which have contributed to the rich and continually unfolding story of London, from 1500 to present day. Major names currently backing this ambitious project include actor Bill Nighy, Beatrice Behlen (senior curator at Museum of London), Professor P.J.R King, John Martin Gallery (Albemarle Street, London), Sir Richard Rodgers, Dr Cathy Ross (director of Collections and Learning, Museum of London) and Sue Prichard (curator, Victoria and Albert Museum). The hunt is already on for authentic fabrics, garments and artefacts that will provide the backbone of the piece, which is ultimately planned to permanently reside in a building along the Thames, a gift to the people of London: their modern day Bayeaux tapestry.