'Rhapsody Quilts - Inspiring, Amazing - Create Your Own!' by Ricky Tims.

C&T Publishing US$27.95

ISBN 978-1-57120-456-1 (s/b 96 pages)

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Rickys Rhapsody Quilts are really amazing; The sort of designs you think impossible to recreate. But in fact if you follow Rickys clear guidance, you would be able to make one of your very own. Ricky starts by introducing the quilts and showing us his first Rhapsody quilt. The first chapters then cover the process in brief with clear photos. So you get a feel for the process. The later chapters develop each of the stages in more detail, whether is it drafting the original design or transferring a small design to a full size layout. You learn tips for sewing the curves, the blanket stitch appliqué and, of course, the quilting. At the end of the book is a gallery showing quilts by students who have attended one of Rickys workshops. As he doesn't come to Europe very often, working your way through this book would be the next best thing. A selection of small designs are provided for you to develop and also a full size design which could be used as a centre piece for a larger quilt or would make a perfect bag or cushion cover. Even if you decided not to make a quilt, you could admire the photographs and take many of the techniques into other projects and just delight in the colours and fabrics used in his quilt. Not for the faint hearted, and aimed mainly at machine sewers, although at least one in the gallery used hand appliqué.