'Reversible Quilts' by
Sharon Pederson

Quilters’ Schoolhouse DVD Series
Nine Patch Media US$29.95

DVD 150 mins

This DVD is part of a popular series from Quilters’ Schoolhouse. Sharon Pederson has made several of the titles in the series; she is a talented author and presenter. The DVD features a step by step walkthrough of Sharon’s reversible quilt method, an EQ6 lesson, Show and Tell and outtakes. The Reversible Quilt method makes particularly efficient use of “quilt as you go” techniques, creating a double sided block which essentially quilts the second side of the quilt whilst piecing the first. It is an ingenious idea, and has the benefi t of eliminating the need for basting completely, which must be a good thing! The “Show and Tell” segment, where Sharon proves that is possible to use the technique to create pieces with quite different A-sides and B-sides, is excellent. To begin with, I was a little worried that the method was quite restrictive as to which blocks would work, but after watching the “Show and Tell” section, I was reassured that it is quite versatile. You could definitely make some brilliant, effective and quick quilts with this method. I was also impressed by the clever double sided binding method and the “quilt as you go” borders which I hadn’t really seen before. If you do like the DVD approach, then this is a worthy introduction to an interesting technique.