'Quilts from the Selvage Edge' by Karen Griska.

AQS US$19.95

ISBN 978 1 57432 957 5(s/b 56 pages)

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If you like scrap quilts and hate waste, then this is probably your dream book. If you didnt already know, we should all trim off selvages from our fabric stash as the thicker weave at the edge of the bolt will shrink and distort differently from the other fabric in the quilt. Karen has found a good use for all those pieces! She cuts off selvedge edges about 11⁄2in wide and then incorporates into quilt blocks. There are instructions for twelve quilts and an apron. The quilts are mainly small to medium lap quilts. This book should spark some ideas of your own too; as if you have been quilting long enough to have sufficient selvages then I expect you might come up with some other uses for the pieces. In case you are worried about how well they will stand up to wear and tear, Karen shows one quilt before and after washing, both by hand in cool water and then by machine and tumble dried and it looks just as good afterwards. If you have always hated cutting off the selvages and throwing them away, this is the book for you.