Rose by Catherine Hill
To most people the arrival of the Olympics means enjoying hours spent in front of the TV, sharing the glory of those who win a medal, commiserating with those who just miss out, and willing on the ones at the back, without whom there wouldn’t be a race. For some of the athletes it will be their one and only time to strive to achieve the seemingly impossible – standing on the podium to be awarded a medal.

Concorde by forum member Liz
Traditionally in sport, competitors exchange Pennants as a sign of friendship. To continue this tradition, and as a memento of their participation in this event, Quilts 4 London are undertaking a project to make a Pennant (or ‘mini’ quilt) for each athlete. The project gives quilters, felt makers, embroiderers, textile artists, in fact anyone who sews (or not!), the opportunity to express their support, through the medium of fabric, fibre and stitch, and become part of the whole Olympic event in London 2012.
The Pennants can be as simple or elaborate as you require, and they can be made by anyone regardless of their level of ability or age. They can be made using any textile media - felt, fabric, cross stitch, embroidery, painted fabric, beaded - in fact anything. They need to be A3 sized (42cm x 30cm) overall and suggestions and instructions can be found on the website
The Pennant project was originally started by Irene Heathcote and Catherine Hill, both based in Hemel Hempstead, but has now developed into an ever expanding team of very dedicated Coordinators - in the UK and Australia. Liz, (quilt and patch) from the Popular Patchwork forum is a co-ordinator. She has been sharing photos of her pennants with us, and is doing a great job of encouraging all of us to make one. The pennants are simple and quick to make, they are really only large journal quilts, I'm sure we could all contribute an afternoon to make at least one.
Quilts 4 London is supported by Gail Lawther, Lynne Edwards, the Batik Guild, the International Feltmakers Association, the Cross Stitch Guild and UK Hand Knitting, in addition to the Quilter's Guild of the British Isles. All these organisations want to encourage as many textile forms to take part as possible - this project is a fantastic way to bring us all together to support the athletes in London 2012, and a wonderful way to showcase all the diverse forms of textiles that exist.
For further information, visit the Quilts 4 London website, or email You can also send a S.A.E to, 'quilts4london', 39 Hunting Gate, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England, HP2 6NX.