Regular Popular Patchwork designer and author, Chris Hammacott is organising a special 'Quiltathon for Haiti' on 13th March at Carmarthen Community Education Building, in Carmarthenn, and she is looking for anyone willing to donate time, materials or other to help. The aim of the Quiltathon is to make a number of quilts for the homeless in Haiti, a little comfort for the wet and the cold, for those people who are just sleeping on the streets with nothing. The Quiltathon will take place over 12 hours, between 10am and 10pm.
Chris says that they are looking for helpers, in the form of stitchers, cutters and pinners, as well as donated fabrics, waddings and backings. There will also be a sale of unwanted Christmas gifts to raise money for Haiti relief charities. If any one would like to donate fabric or wadding  we would be grateful if they could send it direct to Chris at Chris Hammacott, Furlong House, 92 Carmarthen Road, Cross Hands, Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. Chris adds "If any one would like to come they would be very welcome!", so if you're in the area, why not drop in!

News Update!

Chris reported back from the Quiltathon, and tells us, "Well, the quiltathon went reeally well, 90 quilts made to send to Haiti and £400 made from a raffle and sales table to go to local charities! I recommend the experience to any quilter, great fun and a real sense of making a difference. Thank you for the support of the members of the Popular Patchwork site, we received lots of fabric from the readers."