This year, we've started a slightly different sort of quilt block swap, which lasts for a full twelve months, and includes some members of Winnie's quilt group in France. The group is now closed, so we can't take any more new members, but please drop in to catch up on progress so far.

Everybody has selected their own colours for the swap, and each month everyone will make and send a block to another member.

  • Tina - Black and white / Noir et Blanc
  • Karen - Autumn on Black / Les couleurs d’autonne sur noir
  • Fiona - Red and White / Rouge et Blanc
  • Rosemary Rosenfeld - Mid to Pale Blues with pale Yellow and White / Bleu clair avec jaune clair et blanc
  • Helen - Red and White. Some florals / Rouge et blanc, quelques tissus à motifs floraux
  • Pam C - Blue and Cream / Bleu et ecru,crème
  • Hannah - Aqua and Orange on White / bleu-vert  et orange sur blanc
  • Jane  - Yellow, Blue and White / Jaune, bleu et blanc.
  • Mandy - Autumn colours / Les couleurs d’autonnme
  • Irene B - Black and White (NOT SOLIDS) / Noir et blanc – PAS DES UNIS
  • Margaret S - Lime, Blue, Black and Cream / Citron vert, bleu,  noir et crème
  • Glenda  - White and Pale Pink(NOT SOLIDS) / Blanc et rose très clair – Pas des unis
  • Jackie  -  Dark Red and Cream /  Rouge foncé et écru/crème
  • Kerry W - Any Colour, Lots of Colours  SOLIDS ONLY Please. / Beaucoup de couleurs, n’importe quelles.  QUE LES UNIS
  • Beryl H - Pink and White / Rose et Blanc
  • Ruth - Earthy colours, Greens, browns and gold / Les couleurs de la terre, Vert,  brun et  or
  • Margaret H - Soft Dark Reds and Burgundys with light or medium creams / Rouge foncé  mais doux,  bourgogne et  écru/crème clair/moyen
  • Sue B - Soft Reds and Creams Rouge / doux et écru/crème
  • Camilla - Green and cream / Vert et écru/crème
  • Simone - Mostly orange. Orange  with black and cream / la plus grand partie en orange, avec  écru  et noir.
  • Denise - Soft reds and creams / Rouge doux et écru/crème
  • June - Dusky pink and Green / rose moyen et doux plus vert
  • Dany - Soft medium Reds and Creams / Rouge moyen doux et écru/crème
  • Myra - Purple/lilac with any contrast, black(dark),white(pale) or reddish blueish NOT YELLOWS / Pourpre/lilas et comme tissu de contraste , soit noir comme le foncé, soit blanc comme le clair où peut être quelque choses un peu rouge où un peu bleu! PAS DE JAUNE.
  • Susan M - Dark purpley Blues with light ecru/beige / Les bleus foncé teinté un peu vers le pourpre avec beige/écru clair
  • Laura - Darker shades of Blues and Purples with Yellow / Bleu foncé et pourpre foncé sur jaune.
  • Jayne  -  Mid to dark blues and white, (Not Nautical) / Bleu foncé et blanc
  • Nikki - Wine and cream / Rouge foncé  mais doux, bourgogne et écru/crème
  • Monique Chapron - Autumn colours, orange, yellow, green to brown, burgundy and dark purple, all the colours of the leaves falling. Les couleurs d’automne - orange, jaune, vert vers brun, bordeaux et pourpre foncé - tout les couleurs des feuilles mortes en automne.
  • Carole Palmer - Creams and light to medium browns , not too dark. , couleurs neutre - crème, ivoire, écru, brun moyen et clair - pas trop foncé
  • Rose Smith - Grey aqua and pink, bleu vert. rose et gris.

Rosemary choses the blocks each month and they will gradually increase in difficulty starting with a nine patch. The blocks will all be 12ins square, and the swap will last for 11 months starting in February. The final 12th block to complete each quilt will be made by the owner of the set. There are 26 ladies taking part in this, so there should be lots of lovely blocks to see here very soon.

February - Nine Patch - Block 1

March - Squares within Squares 2 - Block 2

April - Rail fence - Block 3

Waiting for April blocks (or photos)

  • Jane to Hannah
  • Laura to June
  • June to Laura

May - Log Cabin or Courthouse Steps - Block 4

Waiting for May blocks (or photos)

  • Jayne to Nikki

June - Friendship Star - Block 5

Waiting for June blocks (or photos)

  • Fiona to June
  • Jayne to Sue B

July - Mix it up - Block 6

Waiting for July blocks (or photos)

  • Jane to Laura
  • Laura to Jane
  • Irene to Jayne
  • Ruth to Denise
  • Denise to Ruth

August - 16 HST - Block 7

Waiting for August blocks (or photos)

  • Helen to Fiona
  • Glenda to June
  • June to Glenda
  • Laura to Jayne
  • Jayne to Laura

September - Card Trick - Block 8

Waiting for September blocks (or photos)

  • June to Hannah
  • Beryl to Denise
  • Denise to Beryl
  • Laura to Margaret H
  • Dany to Jayne
  • Jayne to Dani
  • Fiona to Kerry

October - Rosebud - Block 9

Waiting for October blocks (or photos)

  • Fiona to Margaret
  • June to Karen
  • Jane to Beryl
  • Beryl to Jane
  • Ruth to Dany
  • Dany to Ruth
  • Myra to Laura
  • Laura to Myra

November - Curved Piecing - Block 10

Waiting for November blocks (or photos)

  • Rose to Karen
  • June to Rosemary
  • Jane to Dani
  • Dani to Jane
  • Laura to Irene
  • Sue to Ruth
  • Ruth to Sue

December - Foundation Piecing - Block 11

The final block is called  "Miss Molly's Garden" and is foundation pieced. You will need to print 4 copies and add a centre 4 1/2 inch square to make the block! Remember to set the page scale to "none" when printing. (please ask Katy or Rosemary for a copy of the foundation pattern if you lose the email)

If you need help with foundation piecing then have a look at where it is called "paper piecing" or in your favourite book. It is a good way of piecing more complicated blocks or ones which have really tricky points!

Just to let you know  I have chosen this block because my Mum was called Molly!! I had always planned for this to be the final block and had talked to Katy about it in July. As things have turned out though I am so pleased by the idea of Mum being in all your quilts!!

Thank you all once again for being part of this group. I am sorry I haven't managed to swap with you all, maybe next time....and there WILL be a next time

Tina and/et Beryl Karen and/et Ruth         Fiona and/et Sue
Pam and/et Camilla   Hannah and/et Denise Jane and/et Simone
Mandy and/et Carole Margaret S and/et Laura Jackie and/et Dany 
Kerry and/et June Margaret H and/et Helen Susan and/et Rose
Nikki and/et Monique Glenda and/et Myra Irene to Rosemary to Jayne

The album for uploading your photos from February to August can be found here! The latest blocks from September onwards should go in this album, Quilt Together September to February