Alice Caroline is really excited to be launching a wonderful new project – making quilts for orphaned children and the families that are now looking after them.

What could be better than to make quilts for people who are really in need of them?  Alica Caroline have decided to ask their customers, and anyone else who loves to sew, to make a Liberty SOS Children’s Villages quilt. We all have so much in our lives that we forget that there are people in the world who have virtually nothing.  Please consider joing in doing what we do best, making quilts for people who desperately need them.

SOS Children’s Villages – this wonderful charity provides homes to orphaned children.  Each child is looked after by a ‘mother’ in a home within the village.  There are villages in 125 countries around the world and the charity works hard towards every child growing up in a loving family home so that they flourish and reach their full potential.  They have been helping the world’s most vulnerable children for over 65 years.  Alice Caroline has decided to help Romanian children and their families in their first year of the project.  

Alice Caroline will be donating the fabric to make the front of the quilt, so if you love to sew then please do sign up to make one.  The quilts will have to be made from Liberty fabric on the front and you can sign up via their website to get a special quilt kit. If you prefer to use your own Liberty fabric, they will give you vouchers to spend on their website. 

There will also be an exhibition of the quilts made by customers in the Liberty of London store later on this year. The work of the quilters will be on display for the visitors of Liberty’s famous London store to see. After the exhibition, the quilts will be taken to the village in person by Alice Garrett, the owner and inspiration behind Alice Caroline.  

Alice Caroline Garrett said “I am really excited about this project – I can’t think of a better way of spending my time than to make quilts for people in need.  SOS Children’s Village is the perfect charity to be supporting and I can’t wait to deliver the quilts personally later on this year.  Two people in the office have already signed up to make a quilt, but we are really hoping that the good nature of British people will bring them forward to sign up to the project. Quilters can also add their own personal note on the back of the quilt to give to the recipient – something like ‘made with love’ would give a really personal touch.  I can’t wait to get quilting.”

To take part in the Liberty SOS Quilts project please visit the website.