This stunning quilt features fabrics from the 2020 Trinkets collection from Makower.

Designed by Heidi Pridemore and made by Hilary Gooding

Size: 53" x 61" 



Fabrics from the 2020 Trinkets* collection from Makower, or to your choice:

  • 25cm Green Weave 9004-G (Fabric A)
  • 25cm Red Dotty Vine 9016-R (Fabric B)
  • 25cm Teal Flourish 9022-T (Fabric C)
  • 25cm Red Teeny Tulip 2020-R (Fabric D)
  • 25cm Light Green Flourish 9022-G (Fabric E)
  • 75cm Orange Pineapple 9019-O (Fabric F)
  • 25cm Blue Diamonds 9014-B (Fabric G)
  • 25cm Salmon Tossed Sprig 9021-O (Fabric H)
  • Fat eighth Black Dotty Vine 9016-K (Fabric I)
  • 25cm Green Zigzag Stripe 9003-G (Fabric J)
  • 25cm Pink Dotted Square 9015-E (Fabric K)
  • 25cm Blue Meadow 9018-B (Fabric L)
  • 25cm Red Diamonds 9014-R (Fabric M)
  • 25cm Green Dotted Square 9015-G (Fabric N)
  • 25cm Red X-Stripe 9017-R (Fabric O)
  • 25cm Blue Tossed Sprig 9021-B (Fabric P)
  • 25cm Yellow Tossed Sprig 9021-Y (Fabric Q)
  • Fat eighth Black X-Stripe 9017-K (Fabric R)
  • Fat eighth Teal X-Stripe 9017-T (Fabric S)
  • Fat eighth Red Weave 9004-R (Fabric T)
  • Fat eighth Green Teeny Tulip 9020-G (Fabric U)
  • Fat eighth Pink Meadow 9018-E (Fabric V)
  • Fat eighth Blue Corners 9013-B (Fabric W)
  • Fat eighth Yellow Dotted Square 9015-Y (Fabric X)
  • Fat eighth Dark Green Flourish 9022-G1 (Fabric Y)
  • Fat eighth Black Teeny Tulip 9020-K (Fabric Z)
  • 25cm Blue Dotty Vine 9016-B (Fabric AA)
  • 25cm Yellow Dotty Vine 9016-N (Fabric BB)
  • 25cm Green Pineapple 9019-G (Fabric CC)
  • 25cm Purple Zigzag Stripe 9003-P (Fabric DD)
  • 50cm Black Corners 9013-K (Fabric EE)
  • 3¼m Light Grey Corners 9013-C (Fabric FF)
  • 60" x 70" Wadding
  • 3½m Backing
  • 3m Fusible web e.g. Bondaweb











The full article is in the March 2019 issue of British Patchwork and Quilting magazine