Have a look at the photos of the Square Dance Mini Quilts we made for our May Swap. Thanks very much to Caz, Margaret, Sylvia, Irene and Glenda for their lovely contributions.
Caz for Deborah

Caz's May Quilt for Deborah
Margaret for Glenda
Margaret's May Quilt for Glenda
Katy for Margaret
Katy's March Quilt for Margaret
Sylvia for Caz
Sylvia's March Quilt for Caz
Irene for Sylvia
Irene's April Quilt for Sylvia
Louisa's for Irene
Louisa's March Quilt for Irene
Glenda's for Katy
Glenda's March Quilt for Katy
Katy for Irene
Katy's February Quilt for Irene