Round 2

Materials for complete quilt

  • Total 1 1/4yd background fabric
  • Five fat quarters for fabrics 1-5
  • Lightweight interfacing for foundation piecing
  • Thread to match the fabrics
  • 30 x 35in wadding and backing or 30 x 35in fleece
  • Fat Quarter for binding
  • General sewing supplies

Finished Size

Round Two with sashing 18in square
Broken Dishes block 4in square
Quilt 28in x 33in

Skill Level


Round Two

This round uses quick pieced half square triangles to make broken dishes blocks to surround your centre block.

Materials for this round

You will need
  • One 12in x 6in rectangle fabric 1
  • One 12in x 6in rectangle fabric 2
  • One 12in x 6in rectangle fabric 4
  • Three 12in x 6in rectangles of background fabric
  • Two 16 1/2in x 1 1/2in strips of background fabric for side sashing
  • Two 18 1/2in x 1 1/2in strips of background fabric for top and bottom sashing
If you are using the fabric provided with the last block, then choose two of the fabrics used in Round One, and one other fabric to be fabric 4. Please take care to cut these economically and sensibly to ensure enough fabric will be left for Round Three and Four. In particular, please leave at least a 13in length of any full width lengths of backing fabric for the biggest sashing strips.
Otherwise choose three new fabrics and a background fabric for this round.

Grid Method for Half Square Triangles

The instructions give the grid method for half square triangles, but if you have a favourite method for half square triangles, you can use that instead!
The grid method uses a two large rectangles of fabric to make all the half square triangles at once for a fabric pair.This is useful if you want to make a lot of matching triangles in the same two fabrics.
The grid is made by counting the number of half square triangles needed and dividing by two. In this case we need sixteen triangles in each fabric pair. This means we will need eight squares in our grid, to produce two triangles from each square.
Each half square triangle is 2in finished size, so we add 1in to this to give the size of each square in the grid. Each square in our grid will be 3in wide. This is a bit bigger than you really need, as 7/8in would do, but 1inch makes the sums easier. The half square triangles will be slightly larger than needed so will need trimming.

Cutting Instructions

Cut three rectangles of background fabric, 12in x 6in, and one rectangle 12in x 6in each of the three other fabrics.
The finished block
The finished second round

Sewing the half square triangles

The finished block
Grid marked on reverse of background fabric rectangle
  1. Take a background fabric rectangle, and on the wrong side, draw a grid of eight 3in squares, two squares by four squares as shown.
  2. Then draw in the diagonals as in the diagram. These lines are all cutting lines.
  3. Place your marked background fabric RS together with a coloured 12in x 6in fabric rectangle.
  4. With a scant 1/4in seam allowance, sew in a continuous line to the left of the diagonal cutting line. You will end up back where you started.
    The finished block
    First continuous sewing line
  5. Again with a scant 1/4in seam allowance, sew in a continuous line to the right of the diagonal cutting line, until you return to the start point.
    The finished block
    First and second continuous sewing line
  6. Cut along the horizontal and vertical grid lines, to give eight squares, then cut along the diagonal lines to make sixteen half square triangles.
  7. Press the triangles open, and trim each one to 2 1/2in square.
  8. Repeat the whole process with the remaining two background and two coloured fabric rectangles. You will end up with three sets of sixteen triangles.

Broken Dishes Block

Broken Dishes block
Broken Dishes block
  1. Take one set of sixteen matching triangles
  2. Match the triangles in pairs as shown in the block diagram above. Chain piece these pairs to make eight units. The top and bottom of the block are the same, so all pairs are identical
  3. Press the units and chain piece them into four patch units to make four broken dishes blocks. The broken dishes block is 4 1/2in unfinished size.
  4. Repeat for the remaining two sets of sixteen triangles.

Making up the first Border

  1. Arrange your blocks as you prefer around the competed Round One unit.
  2. Pair up the two left hand side blocks into a short border, and attach to the lhs of the first Round unit.
  3. Repeat with the two rhs blocks, and attach to the first Round unit.
  4. Assemble the top and bottom broken dishes borders and attach to the Round One unit.
  5. Your square should now measure 16 1/2in


  1. If your square is not 16 1/2in, you will need to adjust the sashing, The unfinished square after sashing should be 18 1/2in.
  2. If your square is ok, cut two strips of background fabric 16 1/2in x 1 1/2in and attach to the sides of the Broken Dishes border.
  3. Cut two 18 1/2in x 1 1/2in of background fabric for the top and bottom sashings, and attach to the quilt top.
  4. You have now finished Round Two!
If your Round One unit came with extra fabric, please send the remaining fabric with your Round Two unit to the next quilter. If not the Round Three quilter will add the fabric of their choosing. Take a photo of your block for the album, and then parcel up the block and extra fabric if required. Then send your parcel to the next person in your Round Robin group, and wait for the next set of instructions.