Round 4

Materials for complete quilt

  • Total 1 1/4yd background fabric
  • Five fat quarters for fabrics 1-5
  • Lightweight interfacing for foundation piecing
  • Thread to match the fabrics
  • 30 x 35in wadding and backing or 30 x 35in fleece
  • Fat Quarter for binding
  • General sewing supplies

Finished Size

Four patch block 2 1/2in square
Quilt 28in x 33in

Skill Level


Round Four

This round is really easy, so if you prefer something a little more complicated, you are welcome to pick an alternative. If you wish to design your own version, the top and bottom border added in this round are each 2 1/2in x 26in finished size.

Materials for this round

You will need
  • A total of 70in x 1 3/4in strips of assorted fabric
  • A total of 70in x 1 3/4in strips of background fabric
  • One 8in x 3in strip background fabric for spacer strips
  • Two 33 1/2in x 1 1/2in strips of background fabric for side sashing
  • Two 28 1/2in x 1 1/2in strips of background fabric for top and bottom sashing
If you are using the fabric provided with the last round, then you can choose any of the fabrics for your four patch blocks.
There are twenty blocks in total in this round, each of the top and bottom borders have ten blocks and two spacer strips.

Four Patch Blocks

Each block is 3in unfinished size, 2 1/2in finished.
You can make your four patch blocks individually with 1 3/4in squares or use my method to make a few at a time with a strip set.
To make four patch blocks from a strip set, you will need to cut two strips of background fabric, 1 3/4in x width of fabric if possible, and enough 1 3/4in strips of other fabrics to match. You need a total of 70in x 1 3/4in of both background and coloured fabric
Pair up a background strip and a coloured strip and join on the long edge. Press the seam, and cut your freshly joined strip into an even number of 1 3/4in units.
Take a pair of 1 3/4in matching units, turn one over, match the seams and join into a four patch block. Repeat for the rest of the units until you need to make a new strip set. Carry on until you've made a total of twenty blocks!
The finished quilt top
The finished quilt top

Making up the Borders

  1. Arrange your blocks as you prefer in two sets of ten above and below the sashed Round Three unit. You need two 2in x 3in spacer rectangles to make up the width of the border. You can change the position of the spacers. I've shown them at the ends but they would look good in a 3-4-3 split.
  2. Assemble the ten top row blocks and two spacers into a border.
  3. Attach this border to the top of the Round Three unit.
  4. Repeat with the bottom ten blocks, not forgetting to add the background fabric spacers and attach to the bottom edge of the Round Three unit.
  5. Your quilt top should now measure 26 1/2in x 31 1/2in


  1. Cut two strips of background fabric 33 1/2in x 1 1/2in and attach to the sides of the quilt top
  2. Cut two 28 1/2in x 1 1/2in of background fabric for the top and bottom sashings, and attach to the quilt top.
  3. You have now finished, well done!
Take a photo of your quilt for the album, and then parcel up the quilt top. Send your parcel to the back to person who started it, and wait for your own quilt to come back to you! I hope you all like them!