Our August Join prize was won by Carolyn from New Zealand. Her husband's name was on the new member account, but subsequent enquires proved that Carolyn is actually our lucky winner rather than her DH!

Carolyn won a copy of Quilting for Harvest II' by Lynette Jensen, and this is what she had to say about our website and magazine. "I'm not too sure how my husband was noted as the subscriber but sorry , it's me. I have been buying copies of Popular Patchwork for years & years & years. Consequently there is a large stack of magazines!!! I was browsing on the web and noticed your option of an online sub so joined. What I really liked was the ability to access old issues. It's great fun skimming through the patterns. I noticed an old pattern I made years ago when my children were young and this needle case is still used today."

"I live in New Zealand and work full time. The time for retirement is approaching and I am looking forward to having time for sewing. Hopefully this will reduce the stash of fabric and kits my husband comments on from time to time. I also enjoy embroidery."

"Thank you for the book. That came as a delightful surprise. We are travelling around UK at the moment enjoying the history, cuisine and shopping but my daughter has emailed me to tell me the book has arrived."

We hope Carolyn enjoyed her trip round the UK and arrived home safely. I love this Kantha needle case, it's one of my favourite small Popular Patchwork patterns, so I was very pleased to see this photo. Carolyn, we hope you enjoy the website and your back issues!