Constructing the Pot

starch and press fabric
1. Starch and press fabrics.
Cut strips for plant pot
2. Cut strips from two 'Pot' fabrics.
Lay strips out
3. Lay out strips – alternately.
Sew together in pairs
4. Stitch strips together in pairs, then fours etc, to form 'strata'.
Neaten edge of strata
5. Neaten edge of 'strata'.
Cut strips from strata
6. Cut strips from 'strata' as instructed in magazine.
Sew alternate strips together
7. Sew alternate strips together in pairs, then fours, carefully matching seams at intersections.
Press sewn strips in one direction
8. Press sewn strips in one direction.
Reverse of finished strata
9. Press checkerboard on WS - pale thread used merely for clarity.
Press WS of strata
10. Press again on RS.
Iron freezer paper leaf shapes onto fabric
11. Iron freezer paper leaf shapes onto fabric
Iron freezer paper template to strata
12. Iron Freezer Paper 'Pot' template to WS of checkerboard.
Cut around template
13. Cut around template. I have added an extra seam allowance in this instance.
Apply fabric glue
14. Apply water-based glue to exposed seam.
Pinch seam allowance to freezer paper
15. Pinch glued seam over and onto freezer paper.
WS of pot
16. WS of pot.
RS of pot - need to smooth edge
17. RS of Pot – rough edges need to be smoothed with cuticle stick or similar. Set aside.


Iron hexagon freezer paper shapes on fabric
1. Iron Flower freezer paper templates (showing markings) onto chosen fabric(s)(which don’t have to be identical). Cut shapes out – including seam allowance.
Flower template
2. Card or plastic 'petal' template – with markings.
Note markings on hexagons
3. Note markings on freezer paper flowers and the 'petal' card template.
Apply fabric glue to seam allowance
4. Apply fabric glue to seam allowance on flower templates.
Pinch glued seams to freezer paper
5. Pinch glued seam allowance onto freezer paper.
Glued and unglued shapes
6. Templates before and after glueing seam allowances.
Lay template on flowerhead
7. Lay card template onto prepared flowerhead – matching corners - as shown.
Match marks - as shown
8. Close up detail – showing marks.
Draw inside the V with pencil
9. Draw lines inside the V of the card template. Keep card template still while you draw or template will move – as mine did – and I had to readjust marks again.
Cut along centre marked line
10. Remove card template and cut along the centre lines as shown.
Fold sides of the V over to FP
11. Replace card template. Hold firmly. Fold cut sides of V over template as shown.
Remove V of paper
12. Remove/cut remaining paper of V – as shown.
Fold fabric over. Neaten
13. Glue the cut sides and fold onto freezer paper. Neaten with cuticle stick.
Stages of construction
14. Showing three stages of construction.
WS of flower shapes
15. WS of flower heads.
RS of flower shapes
16. Showing RS.


Tackle leaves similarly
1. Fold, neaten glued seam allowance onto leaf freezer paper templates.
And stems..
2. Repeat with stems.
Pinch over as before
3. Pinch glued seam allowances over/onto freezer paper. Set aside.

Flower Centres

Iron centres onto fusible web
1. Trace centre circles on fusible web. Iron onto chosen fabric.
Cut out centre shapes
2. Cut out fused circles.
Remove paper iron onto fabric
3. Remove paper from back of fused circles and iron again onto fabric – with adhesive side facing fabric – not your iron.
Cut fringes around the shape
4. Carefully cut fringes around EDGES of each fused shape.

Block Assembly

Ready for assembly
1. Set out pieces – ready for assembly.
Blind stitch into place
2. Fold background square in four /on diagonal using creases to aid placement of shapes. Attach shapes to background using blind hem stitch/matching threads.
Cut away fabric from back
3. Cut away excess fabric from back of shapes.
Stitch centres into place
4. Stitch fringed centres onto flowers.
5. Embellish to your heart’s content!
Finished Pot Plant
6. Finished Pot Plant.