Popular Patchwork recently posted details of an event in Norfolk at the end of May.This exhibition is a sale of donated postcards in Norfolk to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust at Addenbrookes hospital, which provides care for children with cancer in East Anglia. The organisers have said any contributons of extra postcards would be very welcome.
We've just come to the end of the latest Popular Patchwork postcard swap, but wondered if anyone would like to make one last card, on any theme, to send to the Teenage Cancer Trust sale. If you'd like to join in, PM katy from the website or email katy.purvis@myhobbystore.com and I'll send you the address to send your card to. Cards should be left blank on the reverse and posted in an envelope by 1st May 2010. I know everyone has a lot on already, and many people are involved in charity quilting projects of one kind or another, but It doesn't take long to make one card, and we could make a good number between us.