Popular Patchwork Nov

When I received Anne Williams’ quilt (page 40) the first thing I wanted to do was touch it. I couldn’t wait to run my hand across it and feel the rough, woollen texture. Made from beautiful Harris Tweed, it is tie quilted with lovely buttons which made it hard for me to resist. It led me to think about the way quilts appeal to the senses. Sight is the primary way I experience quilts, whether they are in photographs, displayed on the wall at quilt shows or even folded on my desk. If I consider what I like about quilts the answer would be pattern, print and colour, yet I have started to wonder how much touch, or the thought of it, plays a part in my love of quilts. Beginners seem to instinctively touch quilts, yet after visiting a few quilt shows we get trained to stand back and admire - although I am sure I am not the only one who gets a thrill from being invited to handle the quilts after a talk at a group.

Texture is something that really comes into its own with wholecloth quilts. I have a collection of small examples, although hope one day I WILL find a large quilt for £5 in a secondhand shop! Again the appeal of these is the feel of the aged cloth and sunken stitches as I run my hand across them. I even love the worn parts and little imperfections, one of my pieces has lots of lovely darned areas which breaks up the effect of the quilting and is not only wonderful to look at, but enjoyable to feel. How about you? Do you instinctively want to touch quilts, or do you prefer a good long look? I would love to know. Liz

Our regular features and articles this month include: 

  • Sketchbook Quilt Gallery - A section of entries from our quilt competition
  • Fabric Freedom Competition - Take a look at the 2016 Christmas range from Fabric Freedom and enter our competition to win up to £400 worth of fabric
  • Woollen Quilts - Anne Williams takes a look at these traditional quilts 
  • Hedgerow Delights Cushion- This project from the duo at Six Penny Memories is fun to stitch and makes a wonderful addition to your home
  • Modern Art Bag - This messenger-style bag is perfect for your essentials, whether shopping or travelling
  • Harris Tweed Home Set - Cosy up with a warm woollen throw, and make a hand quilted table runner
  • News and Reviews - The latest quilting news
  • Meet the.. This month we meet Nancy Adamek from Lina Patchwork
  • Get Creative - Brayer Printed Bark - Katy Purvis takes a trip to the park to print fabric outdoors

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