You can preview the contents pages from the new Bag Special issue of Popular Patchwork here, Popular Patchwork Bag Special 2012.
Popular Patchwork Bag Special 2012Watch out, we've got bags everywhere this month, with a bumper crop of sixteen bags in thirteen projects. This year's bag issue has lots of lovely bag goodness crammed into 100 pages. Take a look at  our inspiring designs including Star Bag by Katharine Guerrier, Pat Stone's Denim Bag and Pat Archibald's two for one Bamboo Bag. Ruth Lazarus has designed a great bag for beginners, Poppy Flower Bag, while Anne Williams ensures that we get a fair share of style with her Slouchy Shoulder Bag. We made sure we included plenty of projects by your favourite bag designers from our previous Handbag issues too; Brenda Dean, Susan Briscoe, Sadie Yeomans, Mandy Munroe, Regan Purcell and Chris Hammacott have all contributed wonderful designs this year. We hope you will enjoy making these bags, using them, and basking in compliments from your admiring friends.
The best patchwork handbags make a great conversation starters, you never know what doors they will open. I once met a PP forum member while on holiday, a lovely lady I'd known online for some time but never met. We started talking because I asked her if she had made her bag from a Popular Patchwork pattern, and it turned out to be a fabric swap bag with my own fabric in it!
If you enjoy making patchwork bags, then you will no doubt be familiar with the queens of bag making from the quilting book world, Lisa Lam and Susan Briscoe. We catch up with both ladies and find out what they enjoy about designing bags, and how they've developed their bag making ideas.
There are over £1000 worth of prizes and giveaways in this issue. Don't forget to check the 'What's New' section and book review pages for all our prize draws and special offers. 
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Corrections to Bag Special Issue 2012

Bamboo bag

Outer bag panels Step 6 should read: Take two 1 x 9in strips and, wrong sides together, fold each in half lengthways; press. Matching up the raw edges and sewing through all the layers approx 1/8in from the edge, join a strip to each side of the folded feature panel. See Fig 5.

Main bag Step 4 should read: Wrong sides together, fold the 2 x 10in main fabric strip in half lengthways; press to crease. Open out and then wrong sides together fold the raw edges to the crease line, fold in half again, press and then topstitch down each edge of the strip. Cut into four 2 1/2in pieces. Matching up the short ends, fold each piece in half and pin in place on the right side of the outer bag as indicated by the dashed lines labelled 'Placement for handle loop' on the foundation on the pattern sheet. Stitch in place close to the top edge of the bag.

Ruby day bag

Making the folded flying geese panels Step 2 should read: Take a 1 1/2 x14 1/2in fabric D strip and, wrong sides together, fold in half lengthwise, press and then open out. Right sides together and matching up the raw edges, place the fabric D strip on top of a 3 1/2 x 14 1/2in fabric C rectangle, pin in place and then stitch along the pressed centre crease. Flip the fabric D strip over so the raw edges meet up; press. See Fig 5. Repeat to make a second outer panel.