A modern twist has given an old quilt new life

The original 1930s quilt has had a revival here with the clean lines of modern text and architectural print fabrics. Although I kept the scalloped border, I think its slightly different shape has stayed true to the more modern lines of the fabric. Planting is charming enough to be made in reproduction fabrics, yet sharp enough for a modern nursery. Alternatively, make more clusters of flowers, and a little border adjustment, for a quilt for a larger bed.

Designed and made by Sarah Fielke. An adapted extract from Old Quilts, New Life. Photography by Sue Stubbs.

Skill level:  Experienced

Finished Size: 138cm (54 1⁄4in) wide x 176cm (69 1⁄4in) high

This project can be found in Popular Patchwork June 2016