AbbieAnne Searle £16.99

ISBN: 978-0-9570421-0-0

AbbieAnne is an artist, a quilter, a teacher and now an author. I came across her book at the Festival of Quilts. I was attracted to the fantastic wall hangings at AbbieAnne’s stand and ended up chatting with her about her style and her obvious enjoyment in the items she was making. AbbieAnne is a little flamboyant, has a great personality and is brimming over with enthusiasm for her art. I could not resist buying her book and ended up reading it cover to cover before bed that night.
The book is crammed with photographs and is written in AbbieAnne’s relaxed and witty style. The text is in large clear print – nice not to have to keep reaching for glasses whilst using as a reference when working. It is not your normal instruction book as AbbieAnne has written it as if she is explaining everything to friends with the odd anecdote thrown in. If you like regimented instruction this book is not for you. It is quirky, vibrant, entertaining and very informative.
AbbieAnne takes the reader through every step of her reverse appliqué technique with clear photos and plenty of advice, plus she includes mistakes she has made and turned into happy accidents. A set of basic patterns to get you started are included towards the back of the book. The method can be used to create wall hangings, quilts, decorative motifs, you can let your imagination run wild – AbbieAnne has.
Would I buy it again? – You betcha, if only for the photos and humour which appeals to me.
Will I use it? – Already have and will definitely do so again.
Would I recommend it? – Yes, especially if you like trying something different and letting your imagination take flight.
Pile & Plunder is available from AbbieAnne's website